Zoning a wireless gas detection system

Zoning a wireless gas diction system has many advantages. Some controllers can handle up to 126 zones.  Individual transmitters can belong to an unlimited number of zones.  Zoning provides maximum flexibility and reliability.  Zoning can reduce operation costs, energy consumption, and wear and tear by operating exhaust fans only in the zone that have a high level of harmful gases.   Zone averaging can average readings from several transmitters in one zone.  Thus if a car is idling near one transmitter in a zone the averaging component will not unnecessary start an exhaust fan.  Zone averaging can save energy and costs by analyzing the whole area rather than activating a fan from a high gas concentration reading from a signal device.  For more information, contact Jackson Systems at 888-652-9663 or find out more about wireless gas detection at www.jacksonsystems.com.

Updated: January 30, 2009 — 1:53 pm

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