Z-1600 vs Z-2000

The Comfort System Z-2000, formerly known as the Z-1600, is the latest generation of commercial zone control systems that allows a single HVAC unit to have up to 20 individual zones.  This blog will be taking a look at how the new Z-2000 compares to the old Z-1600.

As mentioned above, the Z-2000 allows up to 20 zones while the Z-1600 only allowed 16 zones.

The Z-2000 is compatible with HC or HP in a separate panel; the Z-1600 is switch selectable on the same panel.

The Z-2000 has 2H/2C stages with the Z-1600 having the same stages

The Z-2000 has an electronic discharge air sensor and the Z-1600 has a mechanical discharge air sensor

The Z-2000 has a P+I thermostat and the Z-1600 also has the P+I thermostat

The Z-2000 has a single 24 Volt 75 VA transformer and the Z-1600 has a 24 Volt transformer for the panel, but the actuators require a separate 24 Volt transformer.

The Z-2000 has homerun wiring and so does the Z-1600, so there is no change in the wiring aspect.

For the Z-2000, the majority wins in the control algorithm and that is also the case for the Z-1600.

The minimum call selection for the Z-2000 is switch selectable and the Z-1600 minimum call selection is with call resistors.

The scheduling on the Z-2000 is clock terminals, clock power terminals, and night stat terminals; the Z-1600 has clock terminals for time clock, night stat, and override timer.

The Z-2000 has economizer terminals while the Z-1600 does not.

The panel configuration for the Z-2000 has a single PC board and the Z-1600 has two PC boards.

Both the Z-1600 and Z-2000 have led indication.

The speed up mode for the Z-2000 is a push button; the speed up mode for the Z-1600 is a jumper.

The Z-2000 and Z-1600 are both switch selectable for heat/auto/cool.

The Z-2000 has RC/RH and the Z-1600 does not have RC/RH.

The Z-2000 and Z-1600 both have inputs and outputs for fuse protection.

The dimensions for the Z-2000 is 11”W x 13.5”H x 2”D;  the dimensions for the Z-1600 is 12”W x 16”H x 2”D.

Updated: January 24, 2008 — 6:00 am

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