WR-400 Wireless Relay Kit

WR-400™ Wireless Relay Kit

Not Enough Wires?   Here is the solution!


Whether you are upgrading a client with a new multi-stage condensing unit or heat pump, digital thermostat, or simply have a broken wire, the WR-400™ Wireless Relay Kit from Jackson Systems can save you time, labor, and money.  Not enough wires?  The WR-400™ Wireless Relay kit is the solution! 


The WR-400™ Wireless Relay Kit from Jackson Systems allows you to wirelessly “add” additional connections to hundreds of applications.  The WR-400™ can energize a relay up to 200 feet depending on the construction of the building.  Also, up to six (6) WR-400™ Wireless Relay Kits can be installed in the same building. 


Following are some features and benefits of the WR-400™ Wireless Relay Kit


1)     The WR-400 consists of a Base Module transceiver and a Satellite Module transceiver.

2)     The Base Module has 3 send channels and 1 receive channel.

3)     The Satellite Module has 3 receive channels and 1 send channel.

4)     Both transceivers are powered by 24VAC.

5)     A separate 24 Volt transformer may be required if there are no wires to provide 24 volts from the indoor unit for condensing unit applications.

6)     When the Base Module sees 24 volts on channel 1, 2 or 3 input terminal, the Satellite Module detects the change and closes its corresponding channel 1, 2 or 3 contact which puts out 24 volts.

7)     When the Satellite Module sees 24 volts on channel 4 input terminal, the Base Module detects the change and closes its channel 4 contact which puts out 24volts.

8)     “ON” or “OFF” signals are repeated every 15 seconds.

9)     Failsafe protection: If either module loses 24 volts or does not receive a valid ON or OFF transmission signal within 60 seconds, all outputs will be turned off.

10) When the Satellite Module is used outdoors, a WR-400-E weather proof enclosure is recommended.  When used with a condensing unit, mount the enclosure outside of the metal cabinet.

11) Contact rating is 1 AMP per channel.

12) The maximum range from Base Module to Satellite Module is 100 to 200 feet depending on the type of building.

13) Up to six (6) separate WR-400s can be installed in one building.

14) When using multiple WR-400 kits in the same building, each kit must be programmed with a different address.

For more information on Jackson Systems' WR-400™, please visit us at www.jacksonsystems.com or call 888-652-9663




Updated: November 26, 2010 — 10:59 am

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