Wireless Thermostat

Jackson Systems has a new wireless thermostat, the WCT-32 Wirelss Comfort.  Below are some of the great features present in the WCT-32 Wireless Comfort thermostat.

WCT-32 Wireless thermostat 

1)      The WCT-32 consists of a thermostat and an HVAC Module.

2)      This thermostat and module are made in the U.S.A

3)      Single stage, Multistage, and heat pump (3h/2c)

4)      This stat is not dual fuel compatible.

5)      The thermostat is battery powered (2AA batteries)

6)      The stat and transceiver can be 100’ apart.

7)      Metal enclosures or metal walls might impede the wireless signal.

8)      Programmable thermostat with 4 programs per day.

9)      To use the stat as a manual stat, place it in the permanent hold mode.

10)  The hold key and be used for temporary hold (3 hour hold)-pressed once, or permanent hold-pressed twice.

11)  The transceiver has one LED that shows 3 different lights.(Multi-color LED)

  1. Flashing Green = No Calls
  2. Solid Green = Fan
  3. Solid Yellow = First Stage Cooling
  4. Flashing Yellow = Second Stage Cooling
  5. Solid Red = First Stage Heating
  6. Flashing Red = Second Stage Heating

12)  The thermostat has 15 advanced installer setup menus including: (enter by pressing and holding the “Enter” key for 7-10 seconds)

  1. Zone Number
  2. Home Number
  3. Program the HVAC module with Zone and Home address
  4. Equipment type – Heat/cool or heat pump
  5. Set point limits-heat and cool

13)  If you have one stat you do not have to set the zone and home numbers, the module will automatically recognize the stat out of the box.

14)  If you have more than one stat you have to set the home and zone number, then connect the stat to the transceiver.

15)  To reset the stat to factory defaults.  Remove the batteries, press and hold the System key down while re-applying the batteries.(this might be needed if the end-user cannot program the stat because the night cool is between 0-9 )

16)  The Menu key is used to set time of day, daily schedule, and to display schedule.

17)  The HVAC Control Module has and automatic backup.  It saves the previous 24 hour pattern of calls in memory.  Should the module lose communications with the stat the module automatically repeats the call pattern of the previous 24 hours.


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