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Web Comfort Helps Manage, Monitor and Control Energy Usage in Schools

Energy costs are second only to payroll as the leading costs to a school. As a result, schools have been challenged to find ways to improve their energy efficiency and achieve costs savings while maintaining comfort and uninterrupted, smooth operations.


Web Comfort helps control and manage energy usage in schools.

Forward thinking boards members and school facility managers are turning to Web Comfort for better energy management. Web Comfort help schools manage and distribute energy by using the technology to better “monitor and control” energy usage. Web Comfort helps significantly reduce systems that are over used.

Web Comfort is a district wide solution because its portfolio manager directs schedules, alerts and demand response across multiple premises. Its software communicates via the Web Comfort Energy Manager to lighting controllers, motion sensors, thermostats, fans, meters and plugs using a secure wireless communications network. Web Comfort’s Portfolio Manager is a hosted software solution for managing the temperature, lighting and energy consumption of multi-site facilities…controlled by the internet.

The Web Comfort Energy Manager constantly receives input to make adjustments to lighting, HVAC, fans, networked PCs and plug devices in real time…minimizing energy waste.

Other features include:

  • Data storage retains all system events for over one year. Event data can be analyzed to optimize energy usage and savings.
  • Easy to install and configure; Web Comfort Wirelessly Communicating Thermostat control the communications.
  • The Web Comfort Energy Management System wirelessly controls up to 400 devices.
  • Optional connectivity to Modbus® and BACnet®
  • Secure wireless 2.4GHz ZigBee® communications with other networked devices
  • Graphical views of real-time and historical energy usage provide comprehensive and actionable information to users.
  • Scalable to manage a single building or an entire campus
  • Web Comfort products operate independently or as an integrated solution.
  • Made in the USA (ARRA Compliant)

It’s expensive to power a school especially when HVAC, lighting, appliances, computers and many more plugged in devices are on for more than 12 hours per day, if not all of the time. In fact, the EPA reports that schools “spend approximately $205 per student per month on gas and electricity used to run it.” But for a learning environment to be successful, these energy demands are necessary. The solution may simply be to have better control using a wireless, comprehensive, cost effective system to improve, control, manage and report on the energy usage in schools. Web Comfort is that solution!

To learn more about Web Comfort, view the videos at https://jacksonsystems.com/products/web-comfort-energy-management-system.html.

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