Warning Watchdog: Cooper Theft Prevention

Cooper thefts are steadily increasing across the nation. As cooper prices rise, so do the number of metal thefts. Thieves are willing to go to almost any length to steal cooper, including ripping apart air conditioners for their copper coils.


Jackson Systems is proud to offer the Warning Watchdog™, an alarm system that monitors individual condensing units and immediately detects voltage interruption, tampering or refrigerant loss. When activated, the Warning Watchdog™ sounds an extremely loud siren and can also be tied in with a phone dialer or any other security device. The Warning Watchdog™ works with split systems and packaged units.


Use the Warning Watchdog™ for retrofit or new installations and give your customers peace of mind by protecting their investment.


Watch our video to find out more: Warning Watchdog

Updated: September 5, 2012 — 11:59 am

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