Warning Watchdog and Copper Theft

As many of you know copper prices have continued to rise.  As we have seen before when copper prices are up so is copper theft.  If copper theft is a  problem in your area, please consider protecting your investment with a Warning Watchdog, the complete condensing unit protection security system. The Warning Watchdog can protect up to 4 split systems or RTU’s with one control panel.

Unfortunately one of the hardest hit sites for copper theft is churches.  Because of the way churches are designed, many of them do not have RTU’s but they do have multiple split systems.  These split systems can be easy targets for  thieves.  As the picture below shows some churches are appealing to a higher power to help prevent theft.  Maybe with this sign and a Warning Watchdog alarm system we can help reduce the theft and vandalism of condensing units.



More information on the Warning Watchdog by Jackson Systems can be found at www.warningwatchdog.com.


2 thoughts on “Warning Watchdog and Copper Theft

  1. Pam Smith

    how much is the Warning Watch Dog Alarm and do you have something to stop theft of copper water lines and electrical wiring?


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