Warehouse Spring Cleaning Tips for HVAC Contractors

Here’s a fresh idea…as fresh as the spring air! <cue the soft music and white sheets on the clothes line blowing in the wind>

But, seriously, when the warmer spring weather arrives, homeowners often find themselves inspired to clean, tune-up and make repairs around the house. Just like homeowners, contractors too should be so inspired. After all, there’s no better time than the shoulder season of spring to take a deep dive into the dark spaces of your warehouse or storage facility to find revenue opportunity. What do we mean? Consider these:

If You Can’t See It, You Can’t Sell It…Declutter Your Warehouse.

Seasonal changes and the erratic demands of the contracting business during peak season make maintaining the warehouse a battle. But, it is amazing what you will find in your warehouse when you just clean it. Do this on a weekly basis and you can create a new revenue stream. Mystery inventory, returned or damaged goods, and special volume buys surface and no longer have anywhere to hide. Either return them to the supply house or sell them. Both will positively add to your bottom line!

Filters, Filters Everywhere!

Filters are so vulnerable. We aim to bet that every contractor has hundreds of broken, dented or torn filters strewn about their warehouse. The littlest bit of nudging, dirt or over-packing can make them unusable. But, this problem is an easy one to fix! Consider subscribing to a customer-direct, air filter delivery program like FilterFetch™ and you don’t ever have to stock a filter again! FilterFetch™ does it for you. Let us manage the program completely and make your deliveries…and it costs you nothing. In fact, contractors make money from FilterFetch™ and you don’t have to do a thing after signing up your homeowners. Learn more about the FilterFetch™ program for contractors here: https://jacksonsystems.com/content/filterfetch

Rejected Equipment? Create a Showroom.

We all have those customers…you know the ones. You go above and beyond and they are never satisfied. Ultimately, they’ve asked you to remove the equipment. You do so and there it sits in the warehouse for who knows how long. Take advantage of this opportunity to show this equipment to all who come to your office. Clean it up as good as you can, place it in your reception area and you have a new showroom. Less expensive HVAC items like UV lights, thermostats, filters, “smart things”, and other small items also display well in a showroom. Your showroom doesn’t have to be large. A single wall space will do. Do this and you can watch your add-on sales surge!

Consider a Spring Promotion: “We’re Cleaning Up Our Warehouse And You’re Winning Because Of It!”

Capitalize on the spring-cleaning theme by offering a special promotion to your homeowners during this time. For example, you may offer a free thermostat with install. It’s a great way to get rid of the extra ones you’ve accumulated over the year. Or, offer a six-month supply of free filters with a tune-up to rid yourself of overstock.

Clean Up and Be Safe!

Probably the best reason to spring clean your warehouse is to provide a safe and clean work environment for your staff. Having more open, cleaner space is not only safer and healthier, but it makes tasks like receiving and loading much easier. Finally, label shelves and you’ll also enjoy less costly mistakes.

It’s tempting to hold onto old inventory, but in reality, it is only taking up important space on your warehouse shelves and that’s costing you money.

This spring, clean up your warehouse and save your valuable space for inventory that’s actually going to make you money. Add one to two additional hours of cleaning per week to maintain your warehouse and you will surely enjoy the benefits and opportunities that this more organized space will provide.

Updated: March 28, 2017 — 10:33 pm

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