Using the T-32-P for dual fuel applications without an outdoor balance sensor

The T-32-P stat can handle duel fuel without a balance point sensor.

The second stage heat (gas heat with a single stage compressor) or third stage heat (gas heat with a two stage compressor) will come on and compressor will be locked out when the thermostat calls for additional stages of heat.

 For 2 heat / 1 cool or 3 heat / 2 cool applications follow the outline below.

Switch settings:
1 = OFF (Single Speed Fan)
2 = ON (Heat Pump)
3 = ON (Multi-stage)
4 = ON or OFF (Reversing Valve)
5 = ON or OFF (Short cycle)
6 = ON or OFF (Programmable or Non-programmable)
7 = ON or OFF (Minimum Run Time)
8 = ON (4 schedules per day)

Installer settings
Symbol     Set To:
H3             FF (Y is locked out when W2 relay is energized)
TT             RS (No remote sensor)

Updated: June 29, 2009 — 8:41 am

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