Two-story New Construction and the HVAC

Did you know that the energy costs for about the same square footage of a two-story home vs. a one story are almost double in many cases? It many of the homes in the U.S., that’s true.

Proven by physics that heat naturally rises, heating and cooling a second level to the same temperature of a lower level can significantly increase energy usage. With one central heating and air system, it seems there will always be that inbalance which would cause the unit to continually run trying to maintain one temperature set point for both stories of a two-story of a home.

One option to remedy this problem is to put a second system in or on the home. But, the cost of doing so is quite substantial for the builder, especially when he is already experiencing increased construction costs, including 2-3% in construction materials and 3-4% in labor costs (predictions for 2018 by the NAHB).

Finding quicker, more efficient, and less labor-intensive ways to do things is going to be key to holding down new residential construction expenses—and that is especially true when it comes to the HVAC. For that, it may be wiser to install a zoning system as a solution to best serve new homeowners with more comfort, greater utility savings and simply, a smarter HVAC system.

Zoning systems separate one floor from another, without having to install two complete HVAC systems. A zoning system makes for a much more comfortable house and is about the price of a second system. All that’s needed is a central zone system control panel, a motorized zone damper for each zone, a thermostat in each zone, static pressure probe, and a way to release the extra static pressure when it occurs.

Zoning systems are an easy installation with iO HVAC zoning, distributed by Jackson Systems. Where installation of a new HVAC system in new construction is at least a two-man job over a couple of days, putting in a zoning system is a quick, easy, one technician deal that can be done in a matter of hours when, in new construction, access to the duct work is easily accessible.

Residential new construction is expected to grow by about 6% in 2018, according to Building Solutions forecasting.1 Minimize costs, complaints and installation man-hours and provide more comfort in your new buildings, with an iO HVAC zoning system.

For more information on iO HVAC zoning systems, visit For an estimate on any zoning products, call our Customer Service Engineers at 888-652-9663. You can count on them for accurate estimates for zoning systems and total engineering support throughout the installation.

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