Toronto-based ecobee Wants to be the Apple of Smart Thermostats!

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Founded back in 2007 by Stuart Lombard because of his own frustrations with the smart thermostat market at the time, ecobee has since gone on to release a variety of thermostats over the years, with the ecobee3 and more recently, the ecobee4, being the company’s most well-known devices.

Of course, like most smart home devices, ecobee doesn’t exist in a non-competitive vacuum, with Google’s Nest being the company’s main opponent in the smart home thermostat arena.

“When we think about who we compete with, we compete with Apple,” said Stuart Lombard, founder and CEO of Toronto-based ecobee.”It’s not because Apple makes thermostats — but when a customer puts a product in their home, they’re … comparing it to the iPhone.”

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