Top 25 FAQ Part Three

Here is part three of out top 25 FAQ roundup. To help you get to know the wonderful talent that makes Jackson Systems run, we’re sharing their answers and introducing some of our talent.


Kurt Wessling, Director of Sales

Favorite thing about working at Jackson Systems:

“The best part about working at Jackson Systems is the people I get to interact with.   From my fellow team members to the clients I meet, all have been wonderful to deal with.  I have learned something new each and every day that I come to work.   I am constantly impressed with the innovative ideas that they present.   I also enjoy helping the sales staff solve problems to become “heroes” to their clients.

Favorite industry catch phrase:

“Bleeding” which means, the release of conditioned air into the space by opening the zone damper slightly.  This is typically done to relieve static pressure build-up which occasionally causes noise concerns.   A damper can be opened slightly without affecting the temperature control in the space.

FAQ #11: Do you have a thermostat, at least 2H/1C that can be configured to be used as a programmable or non-programmable thermostat?

Yes, we do!  The affordable T-21-P™ touch screen thermostat from Jackson Systems can be configured to work as either a programmable or nonprogrammable thermostat.

FAQ #12: How many 2-wire dampers can I power with a 40VA transformer?

Standard 2-wire dampers = (4) General rule of thumb:  roughly 10VA per damper = 4 dampers = 40 VA transformer and 7 = 75 VA transformer

FAQ #13: Do you have a product that can solve an individual overheating or overcooling spot within a building?

Yes, the Zone One™ is a great solution.  It comes in damper or diffuser form and does not control the HVAC equipment.  That way, the rest of the building can receive the desired conditioned air. The Z-2000™ modulating control panel can be added later if control of the equipment is wanted or become necessary.

FAQ #14: Do you have a thermostat that can be controlled remotely with a smartphone or computer?

Yes, we stock the ecobee line of products as well as the Honeywell RedLINK systems which both have this capability.   Also, for more commercial applications, Jackson Systems manufactures a system that controls an unlimited amount of thermostats in a building.  It is called the WEB Comfort™.

FAQ #15: Can I get my logo put on my thermostat for free?

Yes, the total number for the order needs to be (12).  However, you can break that up by model (6) per model.   There is no charge for the artwork or setup.  Freight is free as well.




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