Top 25 FAQ Part II

Here at Jackson Systems, our employees are our most valuable asset. In an effort to round up our 25 top FAQ we thought we’d pull from our in house experts and ask employees to give us the top 5 most FAQ’s with answers included. To help you get to know the wonderful talent that makes Jackson Systems run, we’re sharing their answers and introducing some of our talent.


Mike Lee, Account Manager

Favorite thing about working at Jackson Systems:

Mike’s favorite thing about working at Jackson Systems is the opportunity to build relationships with our clients and provide those clients with great customer service and the best controls in the business.

FAQ #6:  Why do you sell thermostats from other manufactures?

We provide products that our clients want and need.  Certainly we’d love to sell our Jackson Systems thermostats to our clients, but we understand they may have a specific need for other manufacturers’ products or have an application that requires something that our thermostats can’t do. As a company, we want to be able to provide any controls that our clients may need.

FAQ #7:  When will you have a universal touch screen?

Our universal touch screen will be available in summer 2012.

FAQ #8:  Do you have thermostats that dehumidify?

We carry several thermostats that assist with dehumidification by using the A/C to dehumidify beyond set-point. If true humidity control is needed in a home or business, humidifiers or dehumidifiers are the only means to address concerns with humidity beyond what is capable with the traditional A/C equipment. We offer several thermostats that can control humidifiers and dehumidifiers as well as the full line of humidifiers and dehumidifiers from Honeywell.

FAQ #9: What wireless zoning options do you have?

The WCZ-600 wireless zoning system allow for up to 6 zones to be controlled with wireless dampers and wireless thermostats.  It is important to remember that wireless zoning means wireless communication. Power must still be supplied to the dampers since we haven’t figured out how to transmit electricity wirelessly yet. We also have options that allow for wireless thermostats from other manufacturers if wireless thermostats are needed, but the WCZ-600 is the only wireless zoning system.

FAQ #10:    Does Jackson Systems have a thermostat that can be accessed via the internet?

Yes, the WEB Comfort™ system is a thermostat management system that can be accessed via the internet and can provide control of all the thermostats in a building, school, etc.




Updated: July 2, 2012 — 12:51 pm

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