Thermostat Recycling Corporation Posts 28% Increase in Thermostat Recycling in 2010

Outreach, legislation, and strategic partnerships contribute to the recovery of 1,878 pound of mercury.

May 10, 2011 – The Thermostat Recycling Corporation (TRC), an industry-funded non-profit, today announced a 28% increase in its overall collections in 2010. With the support of over 3,600 HVAC
wholesale distributors, HVAC contractors, local governments, and retailers acting as collection points, TRC recovered nearly one ton of mercury during the year.

TRC’s collection sites in Maryland, California, Florida, and Pennsylvania recovered the most mercury with 385 pounds, 188 pounds, 134 pounds, and 99 pounds respectively.

Additionally, TRC added over 700 new collection locations in 2010. The vast majority were HVAC wholesale distributors, which have volunteered to collect and arrange for transport waste mercury
thermostats. In the last two years, TRC has added over 1,400 collection locations to its network.

“Without the participation and support of the HVAC industry, this increase in collections would not have been possible,” said Mark Tibbetts, Executive Director of TRC. “We are particularly pleased with the increase in collection sites resulting from the relationship with Heating Airconditioning, Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI). Their support has been instrumental in recent growth.”

More information on TRC’s program is available in its 2010 Annual Report, available at

About TRC

TRC is an industry-funded non-profit corporation supported by 32 manufacturers who historically branded and sold mercury thermostats in the U.S. TRC assumes all costs to transport and properly dispose of mercury-switch thermostats removed from service. Since its inception TRC has recovered over 1.1 million thermostats, diverting nearly five tons of mercury from solid waste. Nationally, TRC has over 3,600 collection locations in 48 states. Follow us at!/tstat_recycle.

Jackson Systems is one of TRC’s collection sites. We are happy to help their recycling efforts, and we promote sustainability in our offices every day. Has your company sent materials to TRC as well? What does your company do to help the environment?

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