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Last week, I was a featured speaker at the Mechanical Systems Week conference in Chicago.  Thousands of plumbing, heating and refrigeration professionals were there.

Imagine my surprise when I found a beautiful, white baby grand piano just outside the room in which I’d be speaking.  And the piano was in tune – amazing!

I sat on the bench and started playing the jazz standard, When Sunny Gets Blue by Marvin Fisher. Like magic, a small crowd gathered and everyone was smiling. Music makes people happy!



What happened later is not to be believed.  Total pandemonium!  Be on the lookout for my next message to learn about the chaos that erupted in the room, just prior to my speech.

On a side note, I want to convey a word of thanks to those who have made this year so exciting.  We have sold a record number of Customer Service Training Systems as a result of word-of-mouth marketing among industry pros.  It’s reassuring to have so many folks saying nice things about our educational materials.

If my travel brings me to a city near you, let’s meet. Call me at 610-853-9836.

Steve Coscia
Coscia Communications Inc.


08/22/2012 Nova Scotia, CAN
08/23/2012 Nova Scotia, CAN
08/24/2012 Nova Scotia, CAN
09/12/2012 Oakland, CA
09/13/2012 Concord, CA
09/14/2012 Concord, CA
09/18/2012 Chicago, IL
09/19/2012 Chicago, IL
09/20/2012 Chicago, IL
09/21/2012 Chicago, IL
10/02/2012 Birmingham, AL
10/03/2012 Birmingham, AL
10/05/2012 Philadelphia, PA
10/16/2012 Houston, TX
10/23/2012 Raleigh, NC
10/24/2012 Columbia, SC
10/25/2012 Charlotte, NC
10/30/2012 Knoxville, TN
10/31/2012 Nashville, TN
11/27/2012 Birmingham, AL



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