The Problem with Social Media Marketing

Let’s face it: Social Media plays a big part in your marketing. Each month, the audience grows bigger, the “age boundaries” shrink away and more people discover hidden profit windfalls by marketing right.

Too many HVAC contractors aren’t social media experts – they’re heating and cooling experts – so they either copy what they’ve seen others do or treat it like a big social gathering. According to experts, those common approaches are not effective.

That’s why you’re invited to a special one-time-only, no-cost training call where Melissa Broadus and Christine Cunnick will share the top Social Media marketing methods with our friend, Adams Hudson. In it, you’ll discover the “5 Common Social Media Failures Contractors Make Every Day” that ruin results.

There is no selling, no product and no software needed. Just full 100% content that’ll help transform your Web Marketing into a profit boosting machine.

There are only 255 lines available. SAVE YOUR SEAT for the call here.

Updated: October 7, 2013 — 3:23 pm

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