The New and Improved T-32-P

The following features have been modified on our new T-32-P version 3.0 from the past design in order to make this thermostat easier for the contractor to install and easier for the end-user to program.


8 dipswitches are easier to set and understand

  • All 8 dipswitches are factory default in the OFF position
  • Fan relay for 3 speed fan coil equipment has been eliminated
  • Heat pump or dual fuel is set using dipswitch 3
  • Single setpoint operation has been removed for 2 schedules per day
  • Minimum run time has been hard coded into the stat


Advanced installer setup menu is shorter and easier to navigate

  • 36 steps has been reduced to 18 steps
  • Keyboard lock Pin Number has been eliminated
  • Simpler options for Keyboard Lockout
  • Single setpoint features have been hidden as the stat now has separate heating and cooling set points for commercial applications
  • Simpler to understand Advanced Fan feature
  • Heat pump and dual fuel choices has been taken out of the advanced installer setup and has been hard coded into dipswitch 3
  • Easier to understand remote sensor configurations
  • Staging differentials have been hard coded into the thermostat
  • Simpler choices for heat pump operation and control


Programming the thermostat is easier than ever

  • Both 4 schedules/day and 2 schedules/day have separate heating and cooling set points
  • A two degree differential is maintained between the heating and cooling set points

For more information on Jackson Systems' T-32-P Universal Thermostat, please visit us online at or call 888-652-9663.

Updated: June 3, 2010 — 3:05 pm

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