The Customer is Last?

Blog provided by CJ McClanahan, Founder of reachmore.

How important is a customer to your business?

For the past 3 months I have visited a local Kroger (great salad bar selection) for lunch a few times a week.

The first day I ate at their local café I soon noticed that the ice machine was not working.  I had to ask the staff to get me some ice from another location in the store.

I might as well have asked them to donate a kidney. They were not happy with the request.

Last week, I visited the same Kroger for lunch as I often do (again for the great salad bar selection). Would you be amazed to learn that the ice machine is still not working – 3 months later?

Would you be even more amazed to know that the staff is still stunned every time I ask them to fill my cup with ice?

I am really not that hard to please.  All I ask is that they fix the ice machine.  That’s it.

And now, I write a blog talking about the ice machine. It’s as if they could care less about the customer experience.

Do you care about your customer’s experience?

Are they writing a blog about you?

CJ McClanahan is the Founder of reachmore, which teaches small business owners how to build a business that runs without them. CJ is currently the business coach of Tom Jackson, C.E.O. of Jackson Systems.

Updated: March 9, 2011 — 12:22 pm

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