The Calling of Home Automation

And, it’s calling…literally!

“Alexa: turn the downup 2 degrees”

“Google: show me the cam in ‘baby’s’ room”

“ecobee: Play Jack Johnson radio”

Only just a few years ago, a sophisticated few were using voice-activated connected products. But, today, 1 in 4 homes have at least one device with plans to add several more. For the service contractor, there has never been a better accessory-upselling opportunity.

“Home Automation is playing a major role in HVAC contracting with the availability of smart thermostats, Wi-Fi cameras, security systems and other connected sensors,” says Tom Jackson, President and CEO for Jackson Systems. “The ability to monitor and control a home’s heating and cooling system or peek into your home while you are away are only a couple of reasons why homeowners love Wi-Fi connected products,” he concluded in a recent presentation to Mr. Electric franchisees on the subject.

Smart thermostats, sensors, cameras, CO/smoke detectors, oh my…

By the end of this year, the number of homes that will add smart devices is 1 in 2. If that isn’t compelling enough, here’s another statistic…42% of new home buyers are millennials (or the “connected generation,” as many call them) and they are buying over 75% of all smart products. So, what is it exactly that they are buying? There are many smart products available for upselling at nearly every home that you service and it usually starts with the thermostat. Once they learn to love the connected thermostat, you can add indoor, outdoor and doorbell cameras, CO/smoke detectors, security alarms with window and door sensors, smart light and fan switches … The ecosystem of smart home products is growing every day!


Smart home accessory sales are estimated to grow to over $80 billion by the year 2022, according to Early adopters of the trend are enjoying added value for customers, technicians and their businesses. It’s a Win-Win-Win for all. Homeowners are jumping on board and asking for these products by name because they want the convenience, safety and efficiency they provide. Expert HVAC and Refrigeration in El Paso, TX, says “home automation is what is making the phones ring more especially in the slow periods and around the holidays.” Technicians are enjoying added installation skills and upselling (or bonus) opportunities. And, contracting businesses are winning because they have another business unit and revenue source.

Where to Start

Among the electrical contractors that sell smart products, one product stands clear as the most installed: smart thermostats because Nest thermostats are the most requested. For the contractor, that is the best place to start: installations are pretty easy and many Wi-Fi connected are compatible with nearly every heating and cooling system available. And, while you’re there installing that, show the complementary smart products that create a complete home automation system.

If you want to start offering smart products to your customers, call your Jackson Systems representative at 888-652-9663. We’ve trained contractors extensively on the trend and can offer you the right advice, right products, and right support to help you get started. We also offer this Roadmap to Success to Smart Home Sales and Installation for you to use as kind of a checklist on getting started, especially with Nest products.

Your Roadmap to Success With Smart Home Sales and Installation Using Nest Products

  1. Just Get Started!
    1. Register with Nest for Contractor Pro at link:
    1. Review products (and download product literature/brochures) at
    1. Buy products to install in your facility (or one home) to train techs on. We suggest these ones:
      • Nest learning thermostat
      • Nest Protect (CO/Smoke Detector) battery operated
      • Nest indoor or outdoor cam
      • Nest doorbell video camera
      • Google Home Hub
    1. Open online ordering account to get all pricing (this is your pricing, not your customers) at    NOTE: You can always call us for orders, too at 888-652-9663
    1. Follow Jackson Systems blog for content to use in your own marketing, social and advertising
    1. Install Virtual Technician App (Search Jackson Systems App at App Store) on tech smart phones or tablets for IT and Technical support
    1. Add content and images to your website. We can provide it!
    1. Create a leave behind for your techs. Let us help with this, too!
  2. Training and Support
    1. Keep updated and informed via our webinars, trainings, and articles published by us …for you!
    1. Check out On-demand videos:
    1. Download literature available at our website for every smart product
    1. Product questions? Call your Jackson Systems representative or 888-652-9663
    1. Virtual Technician: Like having an engineer right there at the job with you
  3. How to Order
    1. Create online account for purchasing at
    1. Or, call toll-free 888-652-9663
  4. Conclusion:
  5. Order products and train!!! Then follow this Roadmap to Success and know that we are here every step of the way to support you!

For our entire offering of Smart Home products, visit

Updated: March 13, 2019 — 12:50 pm

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