The Best Wireless Thermostat: Reviews of the Top 3 Contenders

At Jackson Systems, we are all about making life easier for contractors. We figured it would be helpful to provide a quick overview of the 3 best wireless thermostats including what each of them offers and when they might be a good fit. All three of these models are easy to use and easy to install.


Jackson Systems WCT-32


This thermostat has a very small footprint (meaning it doesn’t take up a lot of space) for the control module which is only about 4 inches long and 3 inches wide. This makes it very easy to mount the control module anywhere near or on the HVAC equipment, making this model a great option for times when space is limited.


This model can have up to 256 wireless thermostats at one location without any chance for cross communication. This is by far more than any other model on the market can offer at one location, making it a great fit for schools, hospitals, nursing homes or any place that has a large number of HVAC systems that need to be controlled wirelessly.


Another great feature is that the control module has an LED display that shows what the control module is doing from a standpoint of what calls are taking place, making it easy for the homeowner and contractor to know if the thermostat is working correctly with control module. It also features the ability to adjust temperature differential between stages, enabling flexibility so that a contractor can tweak the thermostat for specific applications.


The WCT-32 is the most economical wireless thermostat on the market and works as well as any other wireless thermostat, making it a great fit for any job.


Honeywell Wireless Focus Pro


This thermostat has a wide range of models that make it possible to get exactly what you are looking for. This is a good fit for those looking to add accessories such as the portable comfort controller. This controller looks like a TV remote and enables the homeowner to control the thermostat from any room in the house.


It also features a wireless outdoor sensor which monitors the outdoor air temp enabling you to set a low balance point for the purpose of the heat pump application.


The price depends on the configurations you opt for and will vary depending on what accessories you include. There are nine different kits to choose from.


White Rogers 90 Series


This thermostat offers an optional wireless sensor that can be configured for an indoor or outdoor sensor. It is the only model of out of the three that offers this feature. It also has a remote indoor sensor that allows you to take a reading from three different locations and average the temperature of the whole house rather than reading the temp in one location, such as a hallway.


It is also the only wireless thermostat on the market that has the optional choice of duel fuel control with wireless temperature sensors or duel fuel logic programmed in the thermostat. This allows for a low balance point to help heat pumps operate more efficiently when it gets 30 degrees or below. This feature will automatically turn off the heat pump and turn on auxiliary heat.


It is the only wireless thermostat of the three that has humidifier and dehumidifier control. The user sets the level they want to maintain and the thermostat will automatically adjust to maintain that level.
This is the most expensive of the three wireless thermostats, so it is a good option if the features are relevant to the needs of the home.



Updated: October 17, 2012 — 1:24 pm

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