The Best Products of 2019

It’s that time again…when Jackson Systems declares our most popular and favorite new and improved products from 2019. We brought the contractor many innovations and upgrades in zoning, smart home automation and specialty controls in 2019. Some we found were standouts! Here’s our top picks from 2019 based on customer preference and feedback, our own testing, and sales. So, here we go…the Best of 2019:

(Ranked by Jackson swirls . 5 swirls being our most favorites!)


Wireless Relay Extended Range

The Wireless Relay with Extended Range is the perfect solution when you cannot run new wire or work with existing wires because they have been cut or damaged. This extended range model communicates wirelessly up to ½ mile between the two devices. The Wireless Relay contains two-channel transceivers. The modules have 2 transmitting channels and 2 receiving channels. Each transceiver is equipped with LEDs that are used to indicate the operation state. Additionally, the transceivers have momentary push buttons which are used to “pair” two units together, or force a data transaction. Each transceiver has a built-in inactivity circuit to detect loss of communication. See it here.

Improved iO 6-Zone Universal Zone ESP Panel Kit
No Bypass Damper Required!

The ZP6 with ESP is a 6 zone, two-position forced air zone control panel that is expandable to as many as 12 zones. This universal zoning systems panel panel can be used with single-stage, multi-stage, heat pump or dual fuel equipment with up to 4 stages of heating and 2 stages of cooling. Slide switch configuration makes setup quick and easy.  This zone control system comes with built in ESP static pressure control which eliminates the need for a bypass damper when used with the standard 3-wire MD damper series.  A wide range of control options provides ultimate application flexibility.

Kit includes:  Panel, static pressure sensor, 2 duct temperature sensors and 75VA transformer. See it here.


ecobee5 Wi-Fi SmartThermostat Pro

Powered by the latest in connected technology, ecobee5 Wi-Fi SmartThermostat Pro with voice control enhances how you experience comfort and brings new meaning to having control of your smart home. With Alexa and the latest in far-field voice technology built-in, you can change the temperature, call your friends, play music, and control other smart devices–all with your voice. Additional remote indoor sensor is included for even more temperature control. It can be controlled via ecobee app on all smart devices including smartphone, tablet or computer. See it here.

Imprinting available on backplate (See below for more information).

Emerson Sensi Smart Thermostats and Thermostat Manager Software

When it comes to smart thermostats, the Sensi™ Touch is at the top of the class! In fact, declared the Sensi™ Touch as the “Best Overall Smart Thermostat” for 2019.

Aside from it’s handsome contemporary look with high definition screen, it’s loaded with features that make any home smarter including away-from-home energy savings, flexible programming and remote access through the App.

With the Sensi Touch energy management system, The Multiple Thermostat Manager, facility managers can control comfort across many locations from one centralized computer. No complicated features—just full control for total comfort in the working spaces of the buildings they manage including group scheduling/energy savings settings, smart alerts and keypad lockout. Subscription service is free for first 30 days and only $1 a month thereafter.

Imprinting available (See below for more information).

Honeywell T10 Smart Thermostat

The T10 Pro Smart Thermostat with RedLINK™ Room Sensor allows homeowners to prioritize the rooms that matter most, helping ensure comfort where it counts. It’s a smart, simple way to deliver comfort to the home.

T10 Pro Smart Thermostat product features:

  • Can control humidification, dehumidification or ventilation, allowing you to customize a solution for each customer
  • Bases room prioritization off time-based scheduling, motion detection or geofencing – giving customers ultimate flexibility for optimal control
  • Offers a multi-room display right on the thermostat, so homeowners can see each room’s current temperature and change their comfort setting as needed

RedLINK™ Room Sensor product features:

  • Senses temperature, humidity and motion
  • Features a 200-ft. range from thermostat to sensor, which is greater than the advertised range of other sensors

Ring Floodlight Cam

Protect your home with the world’s only motion-activated security camera with built-in floodlights, a siren alarm and two-way audio, so you can see, hear and speak to anyone on your property from anywhere.

  • Watch over your home in 1080HD video
  • Hear and speak to people with two-way talk
  • Monitor your blind spots with two LED floodlights
  • Protect your home – day or night – with built-in night vision
  • Get on-demand video and audio with Live View
  • Customize your motion zones to focus on important areas

USI Fire and CO Detectors

The Universal Security Instruments (USI) Hardwired Smoke, Fire and/or Carbon Monoxide Smart Alarms provide 10 years of continuous protection against two or three deadly threats within the home. New patented Universal Smoke Sensing Technology offers the benefits of both photoelectric and ionization alarms in one device to protect against fast flaming and slow smoldering fires. The 3-in-1 model device alarm also features protection against the silent killer – carbon monoxide.

This USI Combination Alarm utilizes a sealed back-up battery (included) that will never have to be replaced throughout the life of the alarm, giving you a decade’s worth in peace of mind even in the event of a power outage.  Imprinting is available on all USI Fire, Smoke and CO detectors.

This maintenance-free alarm is suitable for houses, apartments and mobile homes in every room. See them here.

4-1/2 swirls because no low level version is available.


Honeywell Buoy Whole Home Water Controller

By measuring flow rate, applying advanced machine-learning algorithms, and showing these real-time insights in the app, Buoy Whole Home Water Controller helps you take action to help avoid water damage and waste. Get a full training on the Buoy Whole Home Water Controller here.


  • Measures and categorizes all household water usage from a single point, in real time. Single device attaches to home’s main water line and captures all water used inside and outside the home.
  • The app shows water usage and provides shut-off control to help save money and prevent water damage
  • Real-time categorization shows the entire property’s water usage and helps avoid surprise water bills
  • Detects even the smallest water flow and can alert homeowners when there is unusual water activity
  • Automatic, manual, and emergency shutoff work even when there’s no power or Wi-Fi
  • Uses home’s existing WiFi network

4-1/2 swirls because of delay in availability.

Nest x Yale Lock with Nest Connect

Yale knows secure locks.  Nest knows the connected home.  Together, they’ve made a tamper-proof, key-free deadbolt that connects to the nest app.  Now you can lock and unlock your door from anywhere.  Give people you trust a passcode, instead of a key.  And always know who comes and goes.  Operates from any smart device via the Google Nest app: smartphone, tablet or computer. See it here.

4-1/2 swirls because of slight level of difficulty for installation when no existing door coder exists and some incompatibilities with lower-end routers.


Honeywell VisionPro Thermostat

Several changes have been implemented in the VisionPro series of thermostats by Resideo. They include removal of relays wall plate board assembly doing a merge of two boards in a single board, keeping the same functions of thermostat.

For this project Fit, Form and Function are impacted as follow:


  • Connection interface and wall mount will be using header pins and terminal blocks with snap in feature
  • Coin Battery is changing from lateral latched door to a open insert by the backside of housing.


  • Overall stack up is increasing by +/- 1.9mm


  • Functions of thermostat remain the same.

Advantage to Customer

On old design with the relays located on the wall plate, it was possible that the relays would get jostled and latch during shipping. Then the relay might be in a closed state so that if the contractor wires the thermostat and turns power on prior to connecting thermostat to sub-base, the heat or cool could run.

As soon as the thermostat was connected and powered by either common wire or 4 AA batteries, the relays would go to the correct state.

On current design the relays are in the thermostat rather than sub-base, so this can no longer happen. See all Honeywell thermostats here.

Custom Imprinting is available on VisionPro thermostats.

iO HVAC Controls UT32 Titan Touchscreen Thermostat

The UT32 Titan is a private-label, programmable, universal, low-cost touchscreen thermostat. The UT32 can be battery powered or hardwired which makes it ideally suited for use in residential and light commercial applications. An upgrade to the thermostat made this year includes the option to disable Daylight Savings Time for our customers in Hawaii, Arizona and other parts of the world who do not practice DST. See it here.

Read more about private labeling with our Custom Imprinting Service next…

Custom Imprinting is Always FREE!

Thousands of contractors nationwide have found having their logo and company information not only helps them with brand awareness, it leads to years of service revenue and customer loyalty.

“We’ve been purchasing logo imprinted thermostats from Jackson Systems for almost two decades. They carry all name brands, quick turnaround, great support, and they stand behind their products. I would recommend Jackson for all your thermostat and control orders.”
– Greg McAfee, McAfee Heating and Air

How does it work? We pay all setup, art and shipping charges. You can even mix and match models and manufacturers. Getting started is easy, too! Most orders ship the same day. Imprinting is in an elegant gray to match the factory printing. Order 6 thermostats of one style and imprinting is free. We can imprint any thermostat we sell including AprilaireBraeburnHoneywelliO HVAC Controls, LUXPRORobertshawecobeeNestPecoPro1 IAQ and White-Rodgers And, we imprint more than just thermostats! 


FilterFetch, the ONLY Contractor-to-Homeowner Air Filter Fulfillment Service

How are you supplying your customers with filters? We have an easier way! FilterFetch offers THE ONLY contractor-to-homeowner air filter fulfillment service in the market.  It’s simple because we do all of the work with no cost to you. Your customers are regularly supplied with filters…and you make money EACH TIME they are. You NEVER have to stock a single filter. And, an easy app helps your techs sell the program. Homeowners watch a quick video…and then the tech places their order by clicking a button at the app right then and there.  Auto renewal means that homeowner is a filter customer forever or until a time she opts out.

Virtual Technician

We understand you don’t have time waiting on technician support. That’s why we have created an app to bring customer support to you WHERE YOU NEED IT; WHEN YOU NEED IT with our Virtual Technician. Here are some of the features and benefits:
• Face-to-face interactive 2-way video
• Technical support on all products we sell
• Exclusive service for Jackson Systems customers
• Available 8am- 5pm ET

Learn more at

Do you have your favorites from 2019 that you don’t see here? If so, let us know by commenting on our blog of The Best Control Products of 2019.

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