The Best Carbon Monoxide Detectors of 2012

Imagine the situation; a family is going about their usual routine and getting ready to turn in for the night when they hear an alarm so loud it could wake the dead. Only it isn’t their smoke alarm going off, it’s their carbon monoxide detector reacting to a leaky furnace – a leaky furnace that is emitting an odorless, deadly gas. Thank goodness their HVAC service person suggested installing the detector last month during a routine service call. Imagine the outcome if he hadn’t thought to mention it. His simple suggestion saved an entire family from a silent killer, and now he will forever be a hero in this family’s eyes.


Carbon monoxide is one of the most common household threats, and many states have laws that require certain residential buildings to have working carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide detectors offer an up sell opportunity (and a chance to save lives) for every routine service call.  Homeowners will likely welcome the ability to mitigate the risk of losing a loved one.


This silent killer gas is emitted from any appliance that burns natural gas such as gas stoves, heaters or improperly vented fireplaces to name just a few. Without such a life saving device people will have to rely on noticing symptoms such as feeling of lethargy, nausea, sudden tiredness, dizziness or headaches. However, if you are asleep in your bed when this silent killer comes around you will never wake up.


When you go into a home ask or check to see if they have a carbon monoxide detector that is working and up to date. It is a good idea to have one near the bedrooms and another in close proximity to the furnace. Make sure to install them so they are mounted towards the floor because carbon monoxide is heavier than air so it settles around the floor.


Air Products and Control came out with three new carbon monoxide detectors in 2012 that offer some very useful innovations. The latest addition to their line of contractor-friendly life safety devices includes UL Listed Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms. They are tailored for indoor residential applications, backed by APC’s 5-year warranty, these professional-grade alarms are a convenient, high quality alternative to what they’re offering at the Big Box store.


These detectors come with optochemical sensor technology which provides resistance to nuisance alarms, extends the sensor life and has a failsafe notification. If, for example, you have a low battery, it has a low audible sound that tells you your batteries need replaced.


These models also come with an alarm that will alert a homeowner when the CO detector needs to be replaced. Many people are unaware that an actual sensor has a limited life of about six years. This feature will let homeowners rest assured that they will know when their sensor is no longer working.


Air Products and Controls 2012 models



Works with a nine volt battery and is a great option for existing structures since there is no expensive wiring required.



This model also works with a nine volt battery, but is different because it is a combination CO and smoke detector.



Works with a 120 volt battery and hard wired combination and is a combination CO and smoke detector. This model is the best option for new construction and can be wired in accordance with building codes to accommodate the rising legislation requiring all new construction to have wired CO detectors for homes with fossil fuel heat sources. The battery operation is included to work as a backup in case of a power outage.

Updated: November 13, 2012 — 5:02 pm

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