The Barometric Zone Damper (BZD) Story: How a Great Idea Took Shape

Ron Jackson is the President of Jackson Systems and the inventor of the Barometric Zone Damper. Having been involved in the HVACR business for more than 50 years, and having 11 patents to his credit, Ron has focused his efforts at Jackson Systems on inventing products that provide simple solutions to the HVACR contractor. Ron often hears about the headaches that a bypass damper can cause: no room for the installation, the extra labor and materials involved, and decreased system efficiency. As happens with many great inventors, Ron was awakened at 3AM. He said aloud, “Man, have I got an idea for a product that could change the zoning industry.” And the BZD was born.


The BZD damper works like any standard damper with one exception – it has a built-in barometric relief mechanism that eliminates the need for a bypass damper. Tests indicate that most systems can handle up to double the rated cfm through the registers before noise becomes a problem. Unlike a standard zone damper, the BZD has been designed with both a fixed and a hinged blade and is controlled by an actuator. The lower half of the blade then functions as a barometric pressure relief for the system. The Barometric Zone Damper will allow the barometric half of the closed zone damper to open if the static pressure reaches the preset setting and bleed a small amount of air into the zones that are not calling, keeping the system static pressure at an acceptable level. Tests also indicate that bleeding a small amount of conditioned air to the zone(s) that are not calling has little impact on the temperature in the zone(s) because in most cases they are above or below setpoint, so the zone(s) can absorb the additional conditioned air. The BZD damper is factory-set and should not need any adjustments.


“I think we have an industry game changer,” says Ron. “This will eliminate the need for a bypass damper in most zoning applications.” The BZD damper does not require any adjustments and can save contractors time and money. This unique damper is the perfect solution when space is limited. It can even help improve system efficiency compared to a system with a standard bypass damper installed.


“I created these dampers to provide contractors an easy-to-use solution for zoning applications,” replied Ron. These dampers are available in round and rectangular. The rectangular BZD dampers are available in end and bottom mount, and they can be installed in the vertical or horizontal positions.


For more information on the Barometric Zone Damper, call 888-652-9663 to speak to a technical specialist.


Updated: August 29, 2012 — 2:25 pm

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