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We’ve listened to your feedback and we’ve changed the look and feel of your Lyric™ app. The latest version, coming on May 22, will replace your Lyric app with the all-new Honeywell Home app, improving your experience and security to connect you to your home in exciting new ways.

This will be a mandatory update for your app. On May 22, you’ll see a prompt within the app that will allow you to update to the new version. If you already have automatic updates enabled, this will happen automatically.

We’re excited to provide you with access to a simpler way to view and control your Honeywell connected home devices, and we need your help in ensuring you’re on the latest version.

Preview of what’s new:

The Icon
Look for a red Honeywell Home icon on your phone’s home screen, in place of the blue Lyric icon

Membership Plans
With the purchase of a Wi-Fi Security Camera, you will now be able to choose a Membership Plan for more control and access to great deals

The Dashboard
Easily control all of your devices seamlessly from one screen

Improved Stability
We’ve done extensive testing and created a simpler and easier to use app

More to come
Stay up to date on the latest features for your Honeywell Home app here

If you haven’t already, go ahead and set your app to update automatically. That way, you’ll get the latest version right away and you can trust that you’ll have the best in performance and reliability.

Our ever-growing family of smart devices—security cameras, thermostats, water leak detectors—work together through the new, intuitive app to help you keep your home and family comfortable and connected.

Learn more about the update and Honeywell Home here:

Updated: May 18, 2018 — 7:44 am

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