Temperature Wars

According to a new survey from the International Facility Management Association, the most common complaint is that the temperature is too hot or too cold when it comes to indoor comfort.  The group surveyed 473 IFMA members as part of a new study called “Temperature Wars: Savings vs. Comfort”.  According to the survey “the most common heating, ventilating and air conditioning complaints they receive are that the temperature is too cold (94 percent) or too hot (91 percent)”.  “Fifty-six percent of those surveyed said temperatures at their facility are centrally controlled and cannot be regulated by individual occupants” and “2 percent report buildings that feature individual occupant or workstation controls”.

Zone Control such as Jackson Systems Z-2000 fully modulating zone control system can allow individual occupant or workstation control over the temperature.  Employee comfort has a direct relationship to productivity and overall job satisfaction.  When giving employee’s control over their ambient temperature surrounding, you can help increase productivity and job satisfaction.  Jackson Systems feels that “if we can increase the 2 percent of buildings that allow individual temperature control, the 94 percent and 91 percent of people that complain about being too cold or too hot would definitely be a much lower number” 
Facility managers should consider zone control for their facility for both savings and employee comfort.

Updated: November 6, 2009 — 1:07 pm

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