“Take 5” Minutes to Go Above and Beyond

A cool concept one of our sales representatives learned about while visiting a contracting business this week was a program they call “Take 5.” Take 5, in this contracting business, means that technicians are to take five minutes away from their task at hand to go “above and beyond” before, during or after a call and do something special for the homeowner they aren’t expecting.

An example of a Take 5 would be to carry a shovel on the truck and shovel a pathway from the driveway to the front door. Another example provided was if it is trash day and the bin is still curbside, bring it up from the street. Some techs have helped disconnect hoses if they see that it hasn’t been done yet this late in the season. And, some check the CO/smoke detectors batteries for their Take 5.

Other examples were given, but the one we liked best was that some of these techs are spending five minutes talking to the homeowner about the importance of furnace filter changes and offering them air filter home delivery. Yes, they are suggesting FilterFetch in their Take 5s!

Technicians like FilterFetch because it better serves their customers and they know the filter change reminders and home delivery will help make the systems run smoother and last longer. Homeowners like FilterFetch for the same reasons! Contractors love it for it’s recurring revenue.

To learn more about FilterFetch, we invite you to “Take 5” (minutes) and visit https://jacksonsystems.com/services/filter_fetch.


Updated: November 13, 2018 — 5:16 pm

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