Switching a round powered open damper to a powered closed damper

You can change a Jackson Systems’ round powered open damper to a powered closed damper in the field.  You will have to reach in the damper so the damper may need to be removed from existing duct work.  What we are going to do is flip the actuator from one side of the damper to the other.

These steps are for round dampers only!

1) Unscrew the shaft collar and slide the motor off
2) Unscrew the minimum open position screw and slide it out
3) Pinch the plastic grommet that accepts the anti rotation pin.  The grommet is inside the damper, this is where you have to reach in the damper, and slide out the pin from the grommet.
4) Flip the damper over and remove the black pop out plug
5) Switch holes for the grommet and pop out plug
6) Put in the anti-rotation pin and secure with the grommet from inside the damper
7) Slip in the minimum position screw
8) Slide on the collar then the motor
9) Tighten the collar screw

Updated: December 10, 2007 — 6:00 am

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