“Stepping Up” Articles of Inspiration from Joseph S. Groh is Now Available

Guest Blog by Joseph S. Groh Foundation

Stepping Up is a collection of witty, poignant and inspirational stories of a physically challenged life.  Authored by Joseph S.Groh, and with contributing articles from three other disabled writers, this book chronicles incredible, informational and just plain funny experiences from the lives of these disabled authors.  Whether comical, infuriating, or just plain incredulous, these stories are based in reality, and offer a offering a compelling window into lives of determination, perseverance and hope.

The book is divided into five sections, including:

  • Part I – Experiences of the Wheelchair Crowd
  • Part II – Experiences with the Medical Community
  • Part III – Information about the Disability Community
  • Part IV – Experiences You Have to Read to Believe
  • Part V – Experiences to Reflect on

100% of the proceeds from this book benefit the Joseph Groh foundation, and will be used to provide financial assistance to those from the construction trades industry who are now living with life altering disabilities.  You can order your copy today for only $20 by following the link pasted below.


Happy Reading!

Thanks for your interest in our foundation,

Joseph S. Groh

Updated: November 10, 2018 — 4:47 pm

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