StatGuardPlus: the ‘Stylish’ Thermostat Guard With Combination Lock

Guest blog by David Ask, Owner & Product Development, ChorumGlobal

In most facilities, the need for a thermostat cover is necessary to prevent tampering or theft. The main problem with tampering is excessive energy usage which leads to higher utility bills.

The StatGuardPlus not only solves tampering issues, but you won’t have to keep track of a tiny key (like the ones that come with other brands of stat guards).  Another great features in the StatGuardPlus is that you can easily change the code when needed.  This comes in very handy when someone leaves your organization and no one else can knows the code,

The war at the thermostat rages on…and so does the high costs of energy usage for those who like to adjust the stat too high or too low. Using a coded thermostat guard battles those higher utility bills. If the code gets shared too many times, simply change the code.

The StatGuardPlus is a stylish thermostat guard with a combination lock.
It is available in three different colors:  Clear, White and Brushed Nickel.  Fits thermostats up to 7.25″ W x 4.75″ H x 2.25″. Perfect for facility managers, building owners, controlled living, rentals, restaurants, hotels and other commercial spaces.

For a look at our comprehensive offering of StatGuardPlus thermostat guards, visit .

Updated: May 14, 2019 — 7:15 pm

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