Spring is in the Air – So are Sales Opportunities

Spring is in the air for the majority of the country.  This time signifies the return of birds, flowers, and green grass.  For HVAC Contractors, it should also mean the return of spring tune up appointments with their service agreement clients.  Like a breath of fresh air, I believe Spring can bring a crop of sales opportunities as well. 

The top producing contractors are utilizing this rite of Spring, the tune up appointment, as a time to bring more value and comfort to their clients.  This appointment is a perfect time to introduce value added products to their clients.  Many homeowners / building owners are holding off on major projects such as unit replacements these days.  However, everyone still wants to be comfortable in their environment and feel confident that their indoor air is safe.  I believe this is an opportunity to present zoning to the client. Spring can bring calls for heat in basements and lower levels while demanding cooling for the upper levels.  Zoning can provide a comfortable solution to this dilemma while saving energy for the owner as well.  This is accomplished with a quality zoning system and programmable thermostats.  Both are great sales opportunities for the contractor. 

Indoor air quality is also a concern of many owners these days.  Contractors can offer many solutions in this arena as well.  Air Cleaners, dehumidifiers, uv lights, and quality filters are all options for the owner to consider.  Studies show that people are willing to spend money to help provide a clean, safe and comfortable environment for their family and business.  Quality contractors are differentiating themselves from their competition by providing just that for their satisfied clients. 

The top producing contractors are not only scheduling their tune up appointments, but are also updating their presentation books.  Remind your sales staff and technicians to offer zoning and indoor air quality products this Spring.  I feel you will be happy with the response. Your clients will be grateful for it and your business will have a new “spring” in its step.

Updated: April 9, 2008 — 7:41 am

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