Special Offer from Jackson Systems – Free Zone Control Panel

Mention this blog and get 1/2 off a new Green Zone panel.  Only one offer per customer.  Hurry! Offer ends September 30, 2008. 

To receive this special offer call us at 1.888.652.9663 or visit us online at www.jacksonsystems.com.

How The Green Zone Works
The Green Zone panel is the “heart” of the zone control system. It receives signals from the zone thermostats and directs the right amount of conditioned air to the proper zone at the right time.

Comfort System™ dampers regulate the air to each zone or area. The zone control panel tells the dampers whether they should be open or closed, making sure that conditioned air is only sent where needed.

Zone thermostats act as the “command center” for controlling the zone temperatures. The Green Zone system will work with most thermostats allowing for maximum flexibility.


• Auto changeover
• First Call Priority- 20 Minute Time Share
• Independent Fan Mode
• Short Cycle Protection
• No Adjustments Required
• 10 Amp Heavy Duty Relay Contacts
• Fused Inputs and Outputs
• Electronic Discharge Air Sensor
• 10 Year Panel Warranty
• Single Stage (1H/1C)
• Multi-Stage (2H/2C)
• Heat Pump (2H/1C)

Learn more about the Z-200 The Green Zone at http://jacksonsystems.com/search/178.

Updated: September 11, 2008 — 5:00 am

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