Retrofit Zoning Made Simple

Sometimes zoning applications require multiple dampers in branch runs instead of a couple of dampers mounted in the main trunk line.  Jackson Systems’ Retro Damper is designed for retrofit zone control applications where dampers are required in branch runs.  Retro Dampers save installation time and are easy to install.  Our Retro Dampers are fabricated with heavy gauge steel and come in sizes ranging from 5” through 10”.  These dampers are powered by a three wire actuator (powered open / powered closed) with a 34 lb-in torque rating.  The actuators are 24VAC with only 3.84VA and 6 second open/close timing.  These great features are all wrapped in a 5 year warranty.  Each Retro Damper is supplied with a self-adhesive template that is applied to the round section of duct where the damper is to be installed thus making installation quick and easy.  The calibrated adjustment screws located on each side of the damper shaft assembly provides minimum open or close adjustments.  This low cost retrofit zone control damper makes it easy for any contractor to quickly add zone control to an existing home.  Just cut a slot and slide it in.


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Updated: July 10, 2009 — 4:47 pm

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