Resideo’s VisionPro Undergoes Design Change

Several changes have been implemented in the VisionPro series of thermostats by Resideo. They include:

  • Remove relays wall plate board assembly doing a merge of two boards in a single board, keeping the same functions of thermostat.
  • For this project Fit, Form and Function are impacted as follow:
    • Fit:
      • Connection interface and wall mount will be using header pins and terminal blocks with snap in feature
      • Coin Battery is changing from lateral latched door to a open insert by the backside of housing.
    • Form:
      • Overall stack up is increasing by +/- 1.9mm
    • Function:
      • Functions of thermostat remain the same.

Advantage to Customer

On old design with the relays located on the wall plate, it was possible that the relays would get jostled and latch during shipping. Then the relay might be in a closed state so that if the contractor wires the thermostat and turns power on prior to connecting thermostat to sub-base, the heat or cool could run.

As soon as the thermostat was connected and powered by either common wire or 4 AA batteries, the relays would go to the correct state.

On current design the relays are in the thermostat rather than sub-base, so this can no longer happen.

Q & A

Question: Can I use the new Thermostat on an existing sub-base?

Answer: No. They will not connect together. If replaing an old VisionPRO with a new one, both thermostat and sub-base would need to be replaced.

Implementation Dates

  • TH8321WF1001 – Implementation date was July 9, 2019. Date code 1928
  • TH8110R1008 Implementation date was August 8, 2019. Date code 1932
  • TH8320R1003 Implementation date was August 8, 2019. Date code 1932
  • TH8321R1001 Implementation date was August 8, 2019. Date code 1932

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Updated: September 6, 2019 — 4:25 pm

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