Why Repeat Business is So Important…And How Jackson Systems Can Help!

A surprisingly often overlooked “new” source of revenue is repeat business. New, in that repeat business is known to increase revenue at least 20% year over year. (Source: https://www.businessknowhow.com/marketing/new-customers.htm)

Your homeowners and commercial customers are more likely to call you if you leave them your information because they already know and trust you versus someone randomly selected from the Yellow Pages. But, people move. People forget. People quit their jobs and they lose your information. Whatever the reason, if they don’t contact you, you lose that easy sale. Make your contact information readily available to your customers so you keep that business. (We’ll get back to this in a moment).

Repeat business also decreases the cost of lead generation. How? Having a customer return means not having to spend money to attract a new one. Customers who come back are returning at a premium to you because there is no acquisition cost associated with them. Costs you would have had to spend to attract this customer is foregone and can go right to the bottom line of your sale.

It gets even better! Customers who return will likely spend more with you over time. With repeat business, you have gained their trust. You have become their “HVAC partner.” As such, you will be rewarded with additional revenue from a greater lifetime value for that customer…that is, as long as you maintain that trust with good and ethical service.

Finally, what we all know is that happy customers refer businesses they trust to friends, family and workmates. This grows your referral business…and so could this be repeat business.

So, how is it that Jackson Systems can help you with your repeat business? It’s quite simple actually!


Jackson Systems’ imprinted thermostats are a best bet to growing a contractor’s repeat business. Our thermostats printed with your logo and phone number is a step you should take with every stat you install. Honeywell states that “homeowners look at the thermostat on average 12 times a week.” We believe it to be more!  But, knowing that, you can now understand the value of leaving your mark on their thermostat. It’s like having your marketing team in your customers home all day, everyday!

All you have to do to make this happen is to order your thermostats from Jackson Systems. It’s really that simple!

Jackson Systems manufacturers private label thermostats that rival all others on the market. We also distribute name brands thermostats direct-to-contractor including Honeywell, Braeburn, White Rodgers, Pro IAQ, Nest, Ecobee and so many more. Check out our comprehensive thermostat offering here: https://jacksonsystems.com/category/thermostats.html

Your actual logo and phone number is imprinted for FREE with a purchase of six (6) or more thermostats. And, our shipping is same or next day in most cases.

To learn more about this valuable resource for your repeat business and to see a sample of an imprinted stat, watch our video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6svLxe0MeoQ

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