Enhance Your Preventive Maintenance Contracts with FilterFetch

As business owners, heating and cooling contractors understand that revenue growth comes from providing good products and a high level of service from trusted technicians. But, how do contractors who sell the same products and provide basically the same services — including Preventive Maintenance — differentiate themselves from one another?

A great enhancement to serving homeowners with regular maintenance that is capturing the attention of contractors for its ease of use, great service and revenue-generating opportunities is FilterFetch. FilterFetch is the ONLY contractor-to-homeowner air filter fulfillment service. Unlike other air filter delivery services, FilterFetch is different in that it is offered to customers by the contractor they trust, and not factory-direct to the end user.

FilterFetch will greatly add value to any PM contract compared to one that doesn’t offer it because:

  • For homeowners, the convenience of air filter home delivery and the filter change reminders is invaluable. Regular filter changes add years to the life of a system. And, the convenience of home delivery, means they have the right filter; right when they need it!
  • For the contractor, FilterFetch is more about increasing the service levels and the lifetime value of a customer by staying in front of them all year than it is about the FilterFetch product itself.

The contractor does have to execute and get the service to market. The FilterFetch app for technicians helps with that task! We also offer comprehensive training for your office staff and technicians…chock full of ideas on how to add FilterFetch to your service offering.

Adding preventive maintenance contracts is hard to do. FilterFetch is one product that can help with that challenge, not to mention it’s a way to better serve your customers.

FilterFetch is a product of Jackson Systems. Visit https://jacksonsystems.com/services/filter_fetch to learn more.

Updated: July 22, 2019 — 1:34 pm

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