Preaching to the Choir – Customer Service Excellence by Steve Coscia

Steve Coscia WebinarLast week, while traveling throughout the Midwest to teach customer service seminars about how to convert incoming phone calls into more sales, I had an epiphany.


My client, a well-established and first-rate distributor, invested in the marketing and promotion. Dealers were given incentive to attend a seminar which was held in multiple cities.  Locations were conveniently located.


While delivering the seminars, it became clear that most of the attendees were already good at call conversion and … they wanted to be even better. Positive attitudes prevailed.


I was preaching to the choir.


The dealers who needed to attend the seminar didn’t bother showing up. They’re clueless. They’ll remain as is or they’ll get even worse.  Shame.


Continual improvement is a hallmark of business success. It takes courage to admit that we can be better. Seeking customer service improvement is a sign of strength, not weakness.


Be good, show up and get better.


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