“I needed more revenue in the slow seasons. We do fine May through August with our long, hot summers in El Paso, but I want to make more money in the shoulder seasons, so I added FilterFetch. I also like the repeatability of sales that FilterFetch brings in.”

–Eric Alvarez, President
Expert HVAC and Refrigeration, El Paso, TX

For more information on this convenient service homeowners and commercial customers and revenue generating opportunity for contractors, visit https://jacksonsystems.com/content/filterfetch

Get Connected and Be Rewarded from the Utility Company

This is good news for homeowners and small businesses wishing to better manage their energy usage during peak summer months. All over the country, programs with local utility companies are popping up to help preserve the electrical grid.

They work like this: by simply installing a smart thermostat — like Nest, Ecobee, Sensi, Honeywell — they can get incentives (and enjoy lower utility bills) through participation in eSmart Thermostat Programs. Immediate incentives are given, as well as ongoing savings and rewards. (Check with your local utility company for your exact program).

Connected thermostats make it easy and convenient for homeowners and businesses to manage their energy usage. They can be adjusted on the go or programmed with an automatic schedule that optimizes energy usage based on a routine.

Visit our website for a comprehensive offering of smart thermostats to provide your customers with! Jackson Systems has the largest variety of — and is your best source for — all home automation and connected products, including WiFi thermostats, indoor/outdoor cameras, co/smoke detectors and indoor air quality monitors!

Find all of our smart thermostat products here: https://jacksonsystems.com/category/brand-1.html

June is National Safety Month: Keep Your Homeowners Safe With NEST

The health and safety of businesses and homeowners is always at the front of our minds as we grow our product offering to meet contractor demands. This month, we want to offer you and your customers the best the industry has to offer in the product line of safety in honor of #NationalSafetyMonth, specifically with NEST home protection.

NEST Cameras: indoor and outdoor
Sees homes in super clear high definition when you are in or away from home! These best in class cameras send alerts to smart devices whenever it detects a problem. They allow users to talk back and look after their families even when they are away!

NEST PROTECT: CO and smoke detector
These CO and smoke detectors have a “voice” to tell users when something isn’t right! And, the Nest Protect detector checks its own batteries and sensors over 400 times a day so you don’t have to. A constant soft green glow lets homeowners know it is in perfect working order! This product is the best in keeping families safe from fire and CO dangers.

NEST Learning Thermostat: only thermostat listed by Energy Star
Many thermostats promise to save you money in utility costs, but the Nest is the only one proven to and I sendorsed by www.energystar.gov! The Nest t-stat learns daily routines and occupancy and programs itself to provide homeowners with the most savings and comfort possible! Not just that, it has built in sensors to protect families from dangers started by the heating and cooling system. Alarms are sent to smart devices to alert when danger exist.

Foobot Indoor Air Quality Monitor: works with NEST to keep air clean and safe
Meet the first air quality monitor that takes over the HVAC system to keep indoor air as clean as possible. Minimizes dirt, dust and allergens that enter the home through the airflow system to keep families safe and healthy!

And, don’t forget the HUB! Google Home works with NEST to help run the show. Google Home is powered by Google Assistant. Ask it questions. Tell it what to do. Google Home integrates with these NEST home automation products to help keep families safe!

For a closer look at these NEST products from Jackson Systems, visit: https://jacksonsystems.com/search?search=nest or call your representative at 888-652-9663.

5 Rules of Thumb About Zoning That Should Be Followed

For the most part, Jackson Systems #zoningsystems are easy to install, especially if you follow these five rules:

Duct work must be configured properly to accommodate a zoning system. It must never be undersized. In most cases, it will not be necessary to modify duct sizing when installing a zoning system.

It is always better to slightly undersize the HVAC equipment than to oversize it. Two-stage equipment is most always a better choice.

Dampers should be installed at least two feet away from the plenum, when possible.

It is a good practice to size the smallest zone to handle approximately 25% of the system CFM. Upsizing registers in the smallest zone to the next larger size should also be considered.

Always use a separate 24-volt transformer to power the zone panel. (Do not use the equipment transformer.)

…if you should need support during a Jackson Systems’ zoning installation, our inside sales engineers are standing by “live” to answer your product questions at 888-652-9663.

For a look at our comprehensive zoning products, click here: https://jacksonsystems.com/category/zoning.html

Jackson Systems: Controls (and Service) Done Right!

3 Ways Contractors Can Better Serve Property Managers

Reliable and expert HVAC contractors are crucial to the success as landlords. On the flip side, if you are a contractor and lucky enough to sell and service Property Managers, you know that they usually result in longstanding relationships that can be critical to your growing revenue and success.

Jackson Systems supports the efforts of contractors who serve property managers with our solutions for second homes. These solutions provide what property managers want most from contractors and we suggest those are:

  • Price and energy savings
  • Quality and reliability
  • Referrals and reviews

We don’t directly deal with property managers so you may ask why do we care? It’s because we can help you, the contractor. Our products are sold direct-to-contractor and support all three objectives to help you better seal the deal with property managers.

Price and energy saving solutions

The better the solution — and how little it will cost — is most important to property managers when considering an HVAC repair or replacement. If you tell them you can save them money, they will jump on board. Solutions like the Nest learning thermostat or ecobee4 smart stat are perfect for landlords or those who have second homes used as vacation rentals.

These WiFi thermostats are perfect with their “away-from-home” features to monitor the heating and cooling system. Look at the temperature of your second home anywhere from any smart device at any time…and change it, if necessary. Nest actually “learns” (and relearns) occupancy patterns of the home and programs itself to provide the most efficient heating and cooling.  The ecobee4 smart thermostat can be controlled via smart phone or iPad or laptop and programmed to provide heating and cooling as needed. Integration with Amazon Echo allows even more convenience and control.

Quality and reliability

The last thing a property manager wants to deal with is a broken air conditioner or thermostat that is not working properly. Both cost them – and their home or building owners – money that they don’t really want to spend. While price is always the primary consideration for repairs and replacements, high quality, reliable products provide the value most property managers desire. All Jackson Systems products and solutions come with excellent warranties. Buy the same product at a big box retailer and you may not get that warranty.

Referrals and reviews

Finally, we all prefer recommendations from family, friends or others you have served to choosing a contractor blindly from the Yellow Pages. To get business from Property Managers, be sure to keep your REVIEWS up to date. Ask for them from current customers. Post them on your social media pages. Blog about them. This is your greatest resource for new business.

And, if you are considering a supplier for your smart devices and other controls, check out our reviews. Jackson Systems is preferred by many contractors as a direct-to-contractor supplier of controls, including thermostats of all brands and operation, home automation and connected homes solutions, zoning systems, specialty controls and so much more. We even have a program for air filter delivery for contractors, called FilterFetch.  https://jacksonsystems.com/content/filterfetch.

Jackson Systems supports the efforts of contractors to serve property managers with our high quality, highly reliable products and solutions. To learn more about Jackson Systems, visit www.jacksonsystems.com.

Hot Yoga and the Thermostat


Hot yoga is a group exercise that uses heat and humidity to increase an individual’s flexibility with yoga poses. Introduced by Bikram Choudhury, a yogi from India, hot yoga is typcially performed under extreme temperatures and is designed to replicate the conditions of his country, where this trend got its start.

Hot yoga is to be performed at 104-105 degrees Fahrenheit to meet the goals of the exercise program. It is designed to lead to profuse sweating. As you can imagine, maintaining this kind of temperature in a hot yoga studio could be quite the heating challenge.

Jackson Systems has the solution!

Our T-32-P 7-day Programmable Thermostat https://jacksonsystems.com/…/jackson-systems-programmable-3… has become a favorite among hot yoga studio owners because it has an operating temperature of up to 122°F. This is one of the highest operating ranges available without incorporating more expensive and sophisticated digital direct control systems. A separate humidifier with its own controller to add relative humidity optimizes the hot yoga operation.

Yogis interested in the T-32-P can contact us or their HVAC contractor for purchase and installation. Visit us at www.jacksonsystems.com or call 888-652-9663 to order.

Jackson Systems: Doing Our Part to Protect the Environment

Jackson Systems is helping keep mercury out of the waste stream in order to protect the environment through its participation with #ThermostatRecyclingCorporation.

Thermostat Recycling Corporation (TRC) is a national nonprofit network of over 3,600 mercury thermostat collection sites. TRC has recovered more than 10 tons of mercury since its inception in 1998.

TRC facilitates and manages the collection and proper disposal of mercury-containing thermostats. It was originally founded in 1998 by Honeywell, White-Rodgers and General Electric as a voluntary joint venture. Today, 30 manufacturers, including Jackson Systems, support the program. Members like us continue to provide financial support which demonstrates our commitment to a cleaner environment.

Collection sites consists of HVAC wholesale distributors and contractors. In 2006, TRC expanded the program to include household hazardous waste collection sites and thermostat retailers. Now, more than 3,600 businesses and communities in 48 states are enrolled in our program. Since our founding we’ve collected over 2.1 million mercury-containing thermostats – that’s kept 10 tons of mercury out of the waste stream.

Our collective goal as supporters of TRC is simple: to leave a better world than we found by keeping mercury out of the waste stream and to better protect the environment.

For more information on TRC, visit https://www.thermostat-recycle.org/.

Comfort System™ UV Lights for Cleaner, Healthier Indoor Air

In 2012, Duke University conducted a study for killing drug resistant bacteria and germs in medical facilities using ultra violet radiation (UV-C). In this study, UV-C proved effective in reducing the number of bacteria in 50 hospital rooms by more than 97%. Since then, ultraviolet lights have been widely adapted for all kinds of uses including HVAC.

Today, UV lights are a “must-have” addition for an effective HVAC maintenance plan in homes and small offices. They are used to improve indoor air quality for residential HVAC systems and are especially effective in hot, humid areas.

If your customers are complaining of sneezing, wheezing and other allergy symptoms, there could be indoor air quality issues related to mold and mildew. Our Comfort System™ UV Lights may be the solution to providing these customers with relief by killing the harmful allergens that are entering their living space through the HVAC.

The Jackson Systems Comfort System™ line of UV Lights are very effective at controlling mold inside the air handler. All mold in line-of-sight of the UV bulb are destroyed, keeping the coil mold-free. Our Comfort System™ UV Lights are self-contained air purification systems that remediate mold, bacteria, volatile organic compounds, harmful contaminants and odors found in most homes and small offices.

Features and benefits of our UV lights include:

  • Eliminates mold bacteria to reduce allergic reactions and smells/odors
  • Improves coil efficiency; keeping it cleaner and preventing mold growth
  • All metal enclosure and compact size to fit most systems
  • Long life solid state electronic ballast
  • Easy to install and automatic operation
  • Price competitive compared to other manufacturer UV lights

Ask about private labeling our UV lights for your contracting business.

To learn more about the Jackson Systems Comfort System™ UV Lights, visit https://jacksonsystems.com/category/uv-lights-1.html. Or, call your Jackson Systems representative at 888-652-9663.

FilterFetch FAQs

FilterFetch is answering contractor’s most frequently asked questions:

What Is FilterFetch?
FilterFetch is a contractor recommended service that delivers professional grade filters directly to your customers home.

Why Should I Add FilterFetch to My Service Offering?
FilterFetch is another way to better serve your homeowners and business customers. In addition to fast free filter delivery, FilterFetch customers receive automatic filter change reminder emails and friendly toll-free support from filter experts. Differentiate your contracting business by offering FilterFetch to all of your preventive maintenance customers!

How Much Does It Cost?
It costs contractors nothing to offer FilterFetch to their customers. But more, it pays you back. We handle everything and you make money on filter sales.

How Does a Contractor Get Started?
You will need a contractor code start offering FilterFetch to your customers. Contact us and we will help you get started today!

Visit https://jacksonsystems.com/content/filterfetch to learn more or watch our introductory video: http://info.controlsintelligence.com/filterfetch-training

FilterFetch™ Delivers a Point of Difference in Contractor Services While Boosting Revenue

As business owners, heating and cooling contractors understand that revenue growth comes from great service, staying up with trends, and differentiation. While great service and keeping up with changes in the industry are easy to control, searching for that product or service that no one else in your area offers can be a challenge. But, it’s that point of difference that could have the greatest impact on a contractor’s bottom line. If you are lucky enough to find that prize offering, you should be able to watch your sales soar.

A new service capturing the attention of contractors for its revenue generating opportunities (and home and business owners for its convenience) is FilterFetch, air filter home delivery service. Unlike other air filter delivery services, FilterFetch is different in that it is offered to customers by the contractor they trust, and not factory-direct to the end user. This service can be added to enhance a preventive maintenance offering or it can standalone. The best thing about FilterFetch for customers is the convenience of home delivery, free shipping and filter change reminders so that they never miss a timely filter change again. The best thing for the contractor is it can make them more money!

FilterFetch costs nothing to the contractor to participate. There is no upfront investment to the contractor and no filter inventory required. The FilterFetch program takes care of everything. An online portal branded with the contractor’s logo, www.filterfetch.com/content, manages the entire program. Contractors determine the prices they want to charge customers for filters and when profit goals are met, FilterFetch sends you a check.

Eric Alvarez, president of Expert HVAC and Refrigeration, recently added FilterFetch to his product offering because he says, “I needed more revenue in the slow seasons. We do fine May through September with our long, hot summers in El Paso, but I want to make more money in the shoulder seasons, so I added FilterFetch.” Alvarez continues, “I also like the repeatability of sales that FilterFetch brings in.”

For a contractor, FilterFetch is more about increasing the lifetime value of a customer with repeat sales and staying in front of them than the product itself. The service is great because FilterFetch does all of the work, making it an easy service for contractors to add. For customers, the convenience of home delivery and the filter change reminders are invaluable. But, the contractor does have to execute and get the service to market. FilterFetch helps with that task by providing magnets, stickers and pocket cards for a small cost that can be used as leave behinds on every contractor call.

Finding new products and services in HVAC in pursuit of revenue growth and differentiation is hard to do. FilterFetch is one such product that can help with that.

Jackson Systems Zoning Answer the Call for Solutions to Hot and Cold Spots, Wasted Energy in Unoccupied Spaces and High Utility Bills

  1. Are you able to manage the desired temperature in every room in your home with the one thermostat you have?
  2. Are you as comfortable on the second floor as you are on the first?
  3. Are you heating and cooling spaces in your home that you don’t use all day…or hardly use at all?
  4. Do you think your utility bills are too high?

If you were to ask these questions to your homeowners, do you think any of them would be satisfied with their current system as it is controlled right now? Probably not.

Except for #4, if your customers answer “no” to these questions, their home’s HVAC system would most likely be better served with zoning.

Jackson Systems can help you properly service homes that have hot and cold spots, need more temperature control on multiple levels, and/or are wasting energy in unoccupied spaces with our zoning systems including panels, dampers and thermostats.

A typical home usually has the thermostat centrally located in a hallway on the main level. But, that means it only responds to the heating and cooling needs there. The thermostat doesn’t know how to respond to all of the other spaces in the house when they have differing comfort needs.

Zoning systems encourage the use of multiple thermostats–one on every level, in every space or in every duct run of your home–to better control airflow to meet the unique comfort needs of individual spaces. Multiple thermostats (one for every zone) control a motorized damper that supplies the amount of cold or warm air in your desired spaces only when called for. A panel installed at the main system manages it all.

Sound easy enough? It is!

To learn more about when and how to identify zoning opportunities, watch this Jackson Systems on demand webinar on the basics of zoning systems http://info.controlsintelligence.com/zoning-101-webinar.

To browse our zoning products, visit https://jacksonsystems.com/category/zoning.html.

If you wish to speak with our zoning system engineers to get start offering zoning solutions to your customers, call Jackson System at 888-652-9663.

Jackson Systems Offers Competitive Pricing on Honeywell Media Air Filter Replacements

Jackson Systems carries a comprehensive line of Honeywell air filters, including specialty filter replacements for AprilAire.
Honeywell air filters are the most widely used by contractors and are designed perfectly to remove airborne particles and improve indoor air quality in homes and businesses.
Honeywell media filters are MERV rated and include a wide range of configurations to ensure the right filter to fit your customer’s AC unit(s).
Contact your Jackson Systems’ representative to help you find the filters you need at a most competitive price. Call 888-652-9663. Or visit us https://jacksonsystems.com/search?search=honeywell+air+filters to order online.
You may also want to consider FilterFetch, Jackson Systems air filter home or office delivery service…FREE to contractors. We’ll manage the process of air filter delivery direct to your customers for you…free of charge! In fact, you can even make new revenue off of this convenient service. Here’s how: http://info.controlsintelligence.com/filterfetch-training

Provide More Comfort With Zoning & Better Controls

Do homeowners really care about how air will flow in their home when purchasing a new heating and cooling system? Well, if that is what will determine their comfort levels, ABSOLUTELY! Most, however, don’t know they even have a choice in how the air will be distributed throughout their home beyond what system they’ve purchased. 


Air distribution is one of the most overlooked topics when purchasing a new heating and cooling system. There is such an emphasis on efficiency numbers, sound decibels and price, that how the air is going to flow is often never discussed. 


When we think about proper air distribution through the home, we should to consider these 3 things: room design, potential hot/cold spots and occupancy. Let’s briefly look at each:


Room design

Popular today is the “open concept”. Yes, it’s modern and looks great, but it can cause some heating and cooling challenges. It’s going to take a lot of energy to maintain a level of comfort that homeowners will enjoy in an open concept if it is not distributing air properly.


Potential hot/cold spots

Let’s say a room has a “view to die for” but is completely lined with west facing windows. That room is going to absorb a tremendous amount of the afternoon’s sun, creating a hot spot. Has that been considered in the installation of the new hvac system? Likely not. That room is going to need more cooling (or less heating) after about 3:00 pm.



Rooms have different uses…and at varying times. Occupancy will affect the comfort level of a room when it is used at its peak times. For example, dinner is usually prepared and served around 7:00 pm in many homes. The oven, lights, and movement in the kitchen and dining areas — that were idle during the day — are at peak right now. This activity can greatly heat up a room…and fast.


Today, there are many sophisticated solutions for maintaining comfort in the home, including zoning systems that call for heating and cooling as needed. Zoning uses motorized dampers that open and close in the duct system, and multiple thermostats to control them, to better distribute air as it is “called for.”


There are also better thermostats, like WiFi and smart t-stats that are more effective to provide more comfort as well. You can control the temperature in your home while in or out of it via smart devices with WiFi thermostats. And, great programming options and “away from home” features make WiFi thermostats a very valuable tool when you want to save on energy usage and utility bills. Smart thermostats, like NEST, actually “learn” your occupancy and schedule and program themselves to deliver more comfort when and where you need it. This can also save on your utility bills.


Are you offering these options to your customers when designing a heating and cooling system, including an air distribution plan, that will work best for them? If not, you should.


For more information on zoning and controls, visit www.jacksonsystems.com. Jackson Systems: Controls Done Right!