UEi Digital Air Flow Anemometer/Psychrometer

A ‘must-have’ for in-duct measurements of humidity, air temperature, and air volume.

UEi Test Instruments are the best in the HVAC business and depended upon by many HVAC contractors for accuracy and reliability. Designed with 6 HVAC/R parameters in one instrument, the DAFM4 Anemometer/Psychrometer is no exception!

The DAFM4 Anemometer/Psychrometer portable, battery-operated instrument, is used for measuring humidity, air temperature, dew point, wet bulb, air velocity and air volume. The small vane probe includes sensors for velocity, temperature and humidity all on a telescoping extension, making in-duct and surface measurements possible.


  • Measures air velocity, temperature, and relative humidity (RH%)
  • Calculates wet-bulb temperature, dew point, and air volume (CFM, CMM)
  • 7” Small diameter air vane on 39” long telescoping probe
  • Timed accumulative average for air volume with one hour maximum
  • Min/Max and Hold • English/Metric Scales
  • Fast response
  • Auto-power off (can be disabled) • Low battery indicator
  • UEi backed warranty


  • DAFM4 Meter
  • Remote telescoping mini-vane probe
  • Battery (1 x 9V) • User manual
  • Hard carrying case

To learn more about the UEi Digital Air Flor Anemometer/Psychrometer, visit https://jacksonsystems.com/products/uei-induct-anemometer-psychrometer.html

Call 888-652-9663 to order.

The Calling of Home Automation

A calling…quite literally:

“Hey Google, turn the thermostat up 2 degrees”

“Alexa, show me the cam in ‘baby’s’ room”

“Play Jack Johnson radio on ‘hallway’ ecobee”


Only just a few years ago, a sophisticated few were using voice-activated connected products. But, today, 1 in 4 homes have at least one device with plans to add several more. For the contactor, there has never been a better accessory-selling opportunity.

“Home Automation is playing a major role in HVAC contracting with the availability of smart thermostats and sensors,” says Ben Hardwick, Director of Sales for Jackson Systems. “The ability to monitor and control a home’s heating and cooling system while away is another reason homeowners love Wi-Fi stats,” he concluded in a recent presentation on the subject you can view here on-demand http://info.controlsintelligence.com/on-demand-home-automation

Smart thermostats, sensors, cameras, CO/smoke detectors, oh my…

There are many smart products available for upselling opportunities to every home that is serviced. First, though, we report that almost half of all HVAC and electrical contractors are selling none at all. And, that’s a tragedy. Why? One: because you are in the home as the trusted contractor installing something else already. Two: because if you aren’t installing it; someone else will. And, three: by the end of this year, the number of homes that will add smart devices is 1 in 2. If that isn’t convincing enough, here’s another compelling statistic…42% of new home buyers are millennials (or the “connected generation,” as many call them) and they are buying over 75% of all smart products.


Early adopters of the trend are enjoying added value for customers, technicians and their businesses. It’s a Win Win Win for all. Homeowners are jumping on board and asking for these products by name because they want the convenience and efficiency they provide. Some contractors say home automation is what is making the phones ring more. Technicians are enjoying added installation skills and upselling (or bonus) opportunities. And, contracting businesses are winning because they have another business unit and revenue source. These smart accessory sales are estimated to grow to over $80 billion by the year 2022, according to EGIA.org.

Where to Start

Among the contractors that sell smart products, one product stands clear as the most installed: smart thermostats. For the HVAC contractor, that is the best place to start: installations are easy and many are compatible with the heating and cooling systems they are installing. Why not offer an option of a connected thermostat to every customer? And, while you’re asking, show the complementary smart products that make it a complete home automation system.

In a recent survey, again by EGIA.org, they asked their member contractors if they found Home Automation to be a necessary service. across the board in a resounding “yes,” 91% surveyed responded that they believe this is where the industry and equipment is going.

If you are a contractor and you want to start offering smart products to your customers, call your Jackson Systems representative at 888-652-9663. We’ve trained contractors extensively on the trend and can offer you the right advice, right products, and right support to help you get started.

For our comprehensive offering of Home Automation products, visit https://jacksonsystems.com/category/home-automation.html.

Jackson Systems Adds UEi Tools to Offering

In an effort to give our contractor customers what they need…when they need it…we’ve added the UEi tool line to our offering.

Now you can add on Static Pressure Kits, Folding Pocket and Infrared Thermometers, In-Duct Anemometer and Psychrometer and all of the tools you use everyday to your orders.

To view our entire offering of UEi tools, meters and thermometers, visit https://lnkd.in/e8RjDJr. To add one of these great tools to your order, call us at 888-652-9663.

“Shut the darn door. I’m not trying to cool the whole town!”

Funny things dads say really do have good meaning, especially when it comes to running the A/C. In fact, running the A/C can cost a single homeowner or apartment dweller up to $1,000 per year, which is a lot of money to keep a place cool.

So, imagine if you had more than one home or hundreds of apartments…or even thousands of properties you managed. Now, imagine if those residents didn’t shut their windows or left the doors opened. The costs for cooling those spaces in summer could potentially double or triple…and will probably be the greatest costs those property owners will experience all year.

Here is more on how leaving windows and doors open affects the A/C:

  • Efficiency promised with the sale of the system won’t be met either if windows aren’t shut. Efficiency of the air conditioning unit depends on the system of fans and ducting being carefully balanced at the time you installed the unit. Used properly, that means windows and doors remains shut, efficiency can be met but when your residents leave windows open, it alters these settings thus lowering the system’s efficiency.
  • Leaving a window or door open while running the air conditioning also greatly affects load. Condensers have to work harder and run longer to meet load. And, that may mean more repairs, premature failure and shorter life span of the system.
  • More dirt and dust enter the living spaces. A/Cs working with their right filters and/or air cleaners constantly clean the air. Leaving windows and doors open may compromise the indoor air quality especially in windier, dirtier days.

So, dad really does know best…and iO Lodge Watch Energy Management System is a solution to his problem.

The Lodge Watch Energy Management System is a wireless monitoring system designed to save money on energy costs by making sure your equipment isn’t running needlessly because a door or window has been left open. Lodge Watch detects when a door or window is left open for more than 2 minutes. This saves on energy costs, but also reduces short cycling of the HVAC equipment, reducing equipment icing, condensate pan overflow and wear in the equipment.

Features and benefits:

  • Locks out the HVAC equipment when doors and windows are left open for more than two minutes
  • Restores HVAC operation when doors and windows are closed
  • Prevents compressor short-cycling
  • Reduces energy consumption by as much as 40%
  • Reduces excessive wear on HVAC equipment
  • Reduces chances of equipment ice-up
  • Reduces condensate drip pan overflow
  • Easy to Install
  • Up to 4 transmitter models available
  • 5-year warranty

For more information on the iO Lodge Watch Energy Management System, visit https://jacksonsystems.com/products/lodge-watch-wireless-energy-management-system-1-transmitter.html


Custom Controls Division Posts Successful Projects

Spring 2018


Jacob Fenley, project manager for Custom Controls of Jackson Systems, lists recent projects that have been  completed or are nearing completion.

Jackson Systems Custom Controls division completes Distech installation project with Kindred Healthcare

Project Title: Kindred Hospital Greenwood Remodel
Info: Distech Building Management System; Distech LonWorks Boiler and Rooftop Control systems
Project Manager: Ryan Jackson
Customer: Comfort Systems USA


Jackson Systems Custom Controls division completes Distech installation project with Midtown Carmel

Project Manager: Trey Davidson
Project Title: Midtown Carmel (Midtown Carmel Project) Building Three
Info: Distech Building Management System using an EC-Bos 8; Four Story Building with roughly 50 Distech VAV Zones and integration of two Johnson Controls YPAL Rooftop Units; all BacNET Controllers
Customer: Freije RSC

Link: http://www.midtowncarmel.com/#midtown-carmel


Distech installation at Chase Bank in Shelbyville is complete with help of Jackson Systems Custom Controls division

Project Manager: Trey Davidson
Project Title: Chase Bank in Shelbyville, IN
Info: Distech Building Management System using an EC-Bos 8; Two Zoned VVT Rooftop Units with Distech Rooftop Controllers and 12 Distech VAV Controllers
Customer: Nading Mechanical


Distech installation at Guitar Center completed by Custom Controls division of Jackson Systems

Project Manager: Joe Jackson
Project: Guitar Center Call Center
Info: Distech Building Management System using an EC-Bos 8; Large Warehouse HVAC Control System with control of multiple constant volume rooftop units, as well as loading dock heaters and Big Ass Fans.
Customer: Freije RSC


Avondale Meadows DIstech Installation completed by Jackson Systems Custom Controls

Project Manager: Jacob Fenley
Project: Avondale Meadows Middle School
Info: Distech Building Management System using an EC-Bos 8 controller, Three Distech Bacnet Constant Volume Rooftop Unit Controls and Five Zoned VVT Rooftop Units with 23 Distech Bacnet VAV Controllers
Customer: Freije RSC
Link: http://avondalemeadowsms.org/about-amms/building-plans/


For more information on Custom Controls at Jackson Systems or for a Distech project evaluation and project estimate, contact:

Jacob Fenley
Project Manager
Office: 888.652.9663
Cell: 317.840.1901
Email: jacob.fenley@jacksonsystems.com

Jackson Systems Now Distributing Premium Honeywell Spinalcord Mini-split Wiring

Premium mini-split wiring now available from Jackson Systems


Honeywell Genesis 10750108 Spinalcord Jacketed Metal Clad Mini Split Cable

Description: 14 AWG 4 Stranded THHN/THWN Conductors, Metal Cladded with Jacket
Ratings Type: MC, Direct Burial, Sunlight Resistant, Oil Resistant I
Approvals: UL Listed

Conductor Type: 14 AWG 7 Strand Bare Copper
Conductor Count: 4
Insulation Colors: Black, White, Red, Green
Insulation Type: PVC w/ Nylon
Insulation Thickness: PVC: 0.015″ nom.
Nylon: 0.005″ nom.
Armor Type: Aluminum interlocking armor
Armor Outer: Diameter 0.473″ nom.
Jacket Material: PVC
Jacket Thickness: 0.050″ nom.
Overall Outer Diameter: 0.574″ nom.
Flame Rating: UL 1569

Electrical & Environmental
Temperature: -20°C to 90°C Dry / 75°C Wet
Voltage: 600V max.
RoHS Compliant? Yes

Packaging & Colors
Standard Packaging: 250′ Reel or 5 x 50′ Coils in a box
Standard Color(s): Black

Warranty: 3 to 1. 3 rolls replace 1 in the event of failure resulting in product return.

How to order: 1 to 2 installations per month, suggested order qty: 50′ coil; 4 to 5 per month, suggested order qty: 250′ spool.

Contractor Pro points for awarded for purchases of Spinalcord wiring.

Call 888-652-9663 to order. Please let the customer service engineer know your equipment brand for best compatibility of Spinalcord product.


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Stock Up During Our Summer Thermostat Sale!

June brings you the lowest prices of the year on these exceptional models of thermostats. And, free custom imprinting brings you more business!*

Low-cost, universal, programmable thermostat

The iO System UT32 Titan Touchscreen Thermostat



The iO-UT32 Titan is a low cost, programmable, universal, touchscreen thermostat available exclusively from iO Systems. The iO-UT32 can be battery-powered or hardwired which makes it ideally suited for use in residential and light commercial applications. Additional features include:

  • Up to 2H/2C conventional
  • Up to 3H/2C heat pump or dual fuel
  • 7 day programmable, 4 events per day
  • High operating temperature makes it ideal for hot yoga rooms
  • Auto or manual changeover
  • Keypad lockout
  • Adjustable heating and cooling setpoint limits
  • 5-year warranty

Purchase using promo order code: 18TITANBUY6


Nest Learning Thermostat programs itself; then pays for itself!

Nest Learning Thermostat
$40 Off!


Customers love the new Nest Thermostat’s sleek design and its ability to learn and program itself…then pay for itself! Nest learns the temperature you like when you’re home. And turns itself down when you’re away. And it’s proven to help save energy. In independent studies, the Nest Thermostat saved an average of 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills. Nest thermostats qualify for many utility rebates around the country.

Additional features include:

  • Auto scheduling
  • Away from home features
  • Weather aware
  • Advanced fan control
  • Thermostat lock
  • Filter alerts
  • Heating: 1,2, and 3 stages. Cooling: 1 and 2 stages. Heat pump: with auxiliary and emergency heat.
  • 5-year warranty with Nest Pro Contractor registration

Purchase using promo order code: 18NESTSUMMER


The Nest E’s design blends nicely into walls

Nest Thermostat E

$20 Off!


The Nest Thermostat E is also an energy-saving smart thermostat for your home that learns your heating and cooling preferences and adapts to them. It turns the heat/cooling off (or to a set minimum) when detecting that no one is home. Its simple design and new frosted display blend into the background.

The Nest Thermostat E works with most 24V heating and cooling systems, including gas, electric, forced air, heat pump, radiant, oil, hot water, solar and geothermal.

  • Heating and Cooling: 1 stage of heating and cooling, and a second stage or either heating or cooling.
  • Heat pump: with auxiliary and emergency heat.
  • The Nest Thermostat E is designed to work even if your home doesn’t have a common (C) wire, but installing a new C wire may be required.
  • Energy history/monitoring
  • Wi-Fi remote operation
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Wall-mount design
  • Sensors: Temperature, Humidity, Proximity/Occupancy, Ambient light

Purchase using promo order code: 18NESTSUMMER


Voice activated ecobee4 can set the temperature to your voice, tell you the news, or play music

ecobee4 Wi-Fi Smart Stat with Built-In Amazon Echo (1 sensor included)

Only $189


ecobee4 is more than a smart thermostat…room sensor to help manage hot and cold spots and it comes with built-in Amazon Alexa Voice Service. Ask it to set the temperature, sest a timer, read the news, play music and more!

ecobee4 works with most HVAC systems including radiant heating systems, multistage, and dual fuel heat pumps. Learn more at www.ecobee.com/compatibility

Customers can easily control temperature and settings from anywhere with an Android, or iOS device, including Apple Watch. Other features include:

  • Gas, oil, electric, dual fuel Conventional (2H/2C) Heat Pump (4H/2C) Humidifier, Dehumidifier, Ventilator, HRV or ERV
  • Occupancy Detection
  • Built-in microphones
  • Built-in speaker
  • Far-field voice recognition
  • No common wire? No problem. Your ecobee comes with a Power Extender Kit so it doesn’t rely on other equipment to charge itself.
  • 5-Year Pro Install warranty

No promo order code needed for ecobee4 purchases.


This premium thermostat wire is superior to any other

And, Don’t Forget Thermostat Wire
10% OFF Your First Order!


All of your favorite Honeywell Genesis Premium thermostat wire products included.

Purchase using promo order code: 18WIRE10


To order, visit www.jacksonsystems.com or call us at 888-652-9663.



Logo printed thermostats ensure contractors repeat business

*on purchase of 6 or more of same model. Learn more about our thermostat imprinting service: https://jacksonsystems.com/category/imprinting.html


NOTE: Sale prices are good through June 29, 2018.


The contractor’s plan for success today MUST include home automation products. And, for many reasons. The biggest one is that if you don’t jump on board, someone else will!

Consider these statistics:

  • 42% of new homeowners are millennial–or the “connected generation”–and they are looking for convenience. And, how do they get it? With their smart devices and connected devices!
  • Today, and on average, one in every four homes has at least one connected product, whether it’s a Wi-Fi camera or thermostat or something else. By the end of this year, it is expected to be one in two homes.
  • Home Automation is growing in leaps every year as new products are constantly introduced. It is expected to be a $13 billion dollar market by the year 2020.

It’s hard to ignore statistics like this mostly because there hasn’t been a time before when the HVAC contractor has had a growth opportunity like he or she does today with home automated Wi-Fi connected products as part of their product and service portfolio.

But, we know you are hearing and watching this trend. The HVAC contractors has watched as the “teasing years” of 2015-2017 spoke to them. You know you should get on board, but you’re just not quite sure how. “Is it all too complicated?” you may ask. We assure you, it is not. And, we assure you that if you don’t hop on board, you’ll regret it.

So, how the contractor who only does heating and cooling get started? For an HVAC contractor, home automation can become a new profit center, providing more add-on products to your service calls than anything else. There were few upsells before connected products. Today, you can offer WiFi thermostats that talk to internet hubs (like Alexa or Google Home) that also manage home cameras, CO/smoke detectors, lighting, doors, windows and locks, water sensors and so much more. Opportunity for revenue growth using an “eco-system” of connected home products is boundless. And, consider this, if you don’t sell and install it, someone else will.

And, how is that the HVAC contractor is right person to sell home automation? The answer is simple…you are already in the home as a trusted contractor, you have the unique opportunity to simply ask the question, “do you want fries with that?” What we mean is that WiFi cameras, locks, sensors and other connected products are easy to sell to a homeowner when you are already discussing their safety and comfort. And, installations are even simpler. Most home automation products simply get plugged into an outlet (or already runs off long lasting battery), gets connected to the internet and the installation is complete.

From a consumer’s point of view, connected products make all of the home systems’ operation more convenient, safe and can help save on energy usage. With compatibility to — or already built-in — hubs like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, most operations can be done by the sound of your voice or the swipe of a finger on a smart device.

Home Automation is the biggest trend to hit the HVAC industry in a very long time. And, with continual innovations and affordable prices, connected products are only going to grow in popularity with homeowners. Every day, something new is being introduced…and if they are designed to make consumers home lives less complicated, you can bet your bottom line that they’ll be buying!

Jackson Systems provides more brands of home automation products than any other supplier in HVAC, including Nest, ecobee, Honeywell Home, LeakSmart and more. And, we’ve designed bundles to help you get started. We’ve made it as simple as this: we’ve bundled products that simply connect to power; connect to Wi-Fi; and, BAM! you’ve sold a Home Automation package!

For our comprehensive offering of WiFi thermostats, cameras, sensors, security systems, CO/smoke detectors, water leak detectors and so much more, visit https://jacksonsystems.com/category/home-automation-1.html.

Joseph S. Groh Foundation Gives Gift of Comfort and Prevention With a New Medical Bed

Stephany Golden’s Story

Stephany Golden lives with his wife Katrina in Raleigh, North Carolina, where Katrina’s brother own Quality Air Heating and Cooling.

In May, 2015, they decided to go to Florida on vacation and stopped in Georgia to visit family during the Memorial Day weekend. While there, Stephany and his brother decided to do some four wheeling.

On their way back to the house, an accident rendered Stephany a quadriplegic.

Specifically, he was diagnosed as a C7 quadriplegic, which means that he only has partial use of his hands and just two of his fingers. What followed for the Golden’s was the typical struggles that come with such a life altering disaster. Medical issues, economic issues, home rehab issues, insurance issues, knowledge issues…there seemed to be no end to the issues.

Katrina joined a Facebook support group in order to find answers to some of her many questions. It is where she met Steve and Keanna Krueger of Austin, Texas. The Joseph S. Groh Foundation had helped the Krueger’s with a bath remodel in 2013, following a tragedy with their family. They recommended that Katrina contact the foundation after learning of the HVAC connection.

Katrina contacted our foundation after they learned of their HVAC connection in 2018, but like many applicants had many needs and did not quite know how to go about sorting them out. The foundation helped her prioritize her needs in order to focus on the one that would do them the most good. As it turned out, Stephany had been sleeping on a lift chair because his insurance and denied a hospital bed with a mattress specially designed to alleviate pressure sores. They only offered a standard hospital bed, which means it would only be a matter of time before Stephany would end up with a pressure wound. The Goldens decided this would be the focus.

Stephanie slept on a lift chair for three years due to this situation.

As anyone who is bedridden for any length of time knows, pressure ulcers are enemy #1, as they are very easy to get and extremely difficult to cure. In addition, they can lead to bone infection and sepsis, which can be fatal.

Thanks to our many supporters, the foundation was able to provide the Goldens with a Hill Rom bed with a mattress specially designed to prevent pressure ulcers. After receiving the bed, Katrina wrote to the foundation saying, “I am so grateful and overwhelmed with joy. This bed will make a huge difference in Stephany’s life. Since he has come home from the hospital almost 3 years ago, he has not been able to sleep in a bed. This will change his life as well as mine. I am forever grateful for your generosity and support!”


Jackson Systems supports the incredibly generous efforts of The Joseph S. Groh Foundation to disabled contractors as a result of life-altering accidents. You can too! To learn more about the foundation and donate, visit http://josephgrohfoundation.org/recipients.html

Introducing iO’s New 6-Zone Universal Zone Control Panel with ESP: Electronic Static Pressure Controller


The new ZP6-ESP is a 6 zone panel that integrates our award winning ESP technology to completely eliminate the need to install a bypass damper.

This 4H/2C zone panel comes with a static pressure sensor. The system works like any standard zone control system with one exception; a static pressure sensor continuously monitors the system static pressure. If the static pressure goes above setpoint, the ESP panel will power the non-calling zone dampers open just enough to relieve the excess pressure. Tests prove that bleeding a small amount of conditioned air for a short time into non-calling zones has little to no impact on the zone temperature.

The ZP6-ESP panel can be used with single-stage, multi-stage, heat pump and dual fuel equipment. Programmable LCD and slide switch configuration makes setup quick and easy. A wide range of control options provide ultimate application flexibility including adjustable high/low limits, adjustable high/low balance point, stage timing, capacity control and priority cooling control.

Designed to be used with any just about any thermostat: Honeywell, ecobee, Braeburn, Nest…you name it!

Features and benefits:

  • Up to 6 zones
  • Electronic static pressure relief option (No Bypass Required)
  • Adjustable high/low limit & high/low balace point control via LED interface
  • 2nd stage capacity control option
  • Auto changeover
  • Priority cooling or majority wins
  • 20-minute time share option
  • LED status indication
  • Humidification & dehumidification pass through terminals (Zone 1)
  • Staging by zone thermostat or staging timer
  • Purge cycle option
  • DS/BK variable speed fan control
  • 10-year warranty

The ZP6 with ESP is a 6 zone, two-position forced air zone control panel that can be expanded to as many as 12 zones.  Commercial applications possible with expansion kits.

Watch this to learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KpiJx_77GE

To order, visit: https://jacksonsystems.com/products/io-6zone-universal-zone-control-panel-esp-bypass-required.html




Jackson Systems Is Revolutionizing Technical Support

Leveraging technology and excellence in technical support, Jackson Systems is delivering our engineers to assist you on-site anywhere in the country within 15 seconds!

With our new Facetime-like app, The Jackson Systems Virtual Technician, our engineers are now able to see exactly what your technician is seeing in the field.  Your technician will also see what our engineers are doing to fix the issue.  This advancement in technology allows Jackson Systems to visually identify the problem and walk your technician through the solution 75% faster than traditional support by replacing telephone calls that are blindly taken over the phone.

The Jackson Systems Virtual Technician App is now available exclusively to our customers.

If you’ve ever dreaded making those technical support calls, now you don’t have too!  Download our groundbreaking new app and experience how easy it is to CONNECT with us.  No being placed on hold, no voicemail, no unanswered calls.  In 15 seconds, your technician is face-to-face with a Jackson Systems expert!

How it Works

If you are a customer, simply download the JACKSON SYSTEMS APP for iPhone or Android and you’ve got our technical support engineers in your back pocket.  To get started:

  1. Download the app from the App Store: JACKSON SYSTEMS APP
  2. Open the app and click REGISTER.
  3. Click the link in the activation email to verify your account.
  4. Open the app and click the LOGIN button.
  5. Click CONNECT whenever you need support!

Whether you are having issues installing zoning or wiring a Wi-Fi thermostat, we are just a touch of the CONNECT button away. Now you can virtually show our experts the issue and we are confident we’ll be able to troubleshoot it in a matter of minutes.

The Jackson Systems Virtual Technician is just another way we continue to strive to provide excellence in everything we do—from the products we supply and their high performance to excellence in customer service and technical support.

For more information on the Virtual Technician App for Jackson Systems customers or assistance in installing it, call us at 888-652-9663.

The All-New Honeywell Home App

Blog by Honeywell

We’ve listened to your feedback and we’ve changed the look and feel of your Lyric™ app. The latest version, coming on May 22, will replace your Lyric app with the all-new Honeywell Home app, improving your experience and security to connect you to your home in exciting new ways.

This will be a mandatory update for your app. On May 22, you’ll see a prompt within the app that will allow you to update to the new version. If you already have automatic updates enabled, this will happen automatically.

We’re excited to provide you with access to a simpler way to view and control your Honeywell connected home devices, and we need your help in ensuring you’re on the latest version.

Preview of what’s new:

The Icon
Look for a red Honeywell Home icon on your phone’s home screen, in place of the blue Lyric icon

Membership Plans
With the purchase of a Wi-Fi Security Camera, you will now be able to choose a Membership Plan for more control and access to great deals

The Dashboard
Easily control all of your devices seamlessly from one screen

Improved Stability
We’ve done extensive testing and created a simpler and easier to use app

More to come
Stay up to date on the latest features for your Honeywell Home app here

If you haven’t already, go ahead and set your app to update automatically. That way, you’ll get the latest version right away and you can trust that you’ll have the best in performance and reliability.

Our ever-growing family of smart devices—security cameras, thermostats, water leak detectors—work together through the new, intuitive app to help you keep your home and family comfortable and connected.

Learn more about the update and Honeywell Home here:

T6 Pro Smart Thermostat

Consider the T6 Pro Smart Thermostat: Wi-Fi connectivity without the complexity!
ENERGY STAR® Certified
  • Up to 3H/2C heat pump and 2H/2C conventional
  • 7-day, 5-2, 5-1-1, 1-week or non-programmable
  • Optional ventilation control for projects that need to meet the ASHRAE 62.2 standard
  • Setup and scheduling can be done at the wall on the thermostat, or using the Honeywell Home app
  • Integrates with smart home Apple® HomeKit™ and Amazon® Echo™ for customers who want to control their smart home devices from a single app
Custom imprinting available FREE with order of 6 or more! https://jacksonsystems.com/category/imprinting.html
5-year warranty

Get Started in Home Automation Sales

Our Home Automation bundles make it easy with easy to install connected homes products.

Connect to power. Connect to Internet. And, you’ve sold a Home Automation kit!
Get started here: https://lnkd.in/eqgswHu

Nest Home Automation kits offer Nest Learning Wi-Fi thermostat, Nest Protect CO/Smoke Detector and Nest Cameras

Honeywell Home Automation kits offer Wi-Fi thermostats, Cameras, and Water Leak Detector

ecobee Home Automation Kits offer Wi-Fi thermostats, cameras and more!