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Features and Benefits

GLAS is a beautiful smart thermostat that helps you create a space that is efficient and comfortable. It offers a translucent, touchscreen interface that is the perfect blend of form and function. GLAS, by Johnson Controls, showcases simple adaptive technology that promotes delightful interactions with its clever user interface.

By adapting to your schedule, GLAS anticipates your needs and keeps you in mind, so you can focus on what’s important to you – while at home or not.

GLAS adapts to your schedule:

  • Easily set your own schedule
  • Integrated occupancy sensor enables it to detect while you are home or not to ensure the highest efficiency settings
  • Vacation mode

With the GLASS and JCI app, users can manage their home while on the go. The app provides a visually consistent interface across smart phones and tablets. Smart capabilities include:

  • Remote software updates
  • Control multiple thermostats in different locations
  • Grant/control access to your thermostat anytime from anywhere

GLAS continuously tracks indoor and outdoor air quality to help you create cleaner, more comfortable living spaces:

  • IAQ monitoring, including relative humidity, VOC, carbon dioxide
  • Outdoor IAQ reporting, including allergens, UV index and IAQ index
  • Outdoor weather forecadt

“OK Google, set my thermostat(s) to cool.” “Alexa, set the thermostats(s) to 70 degree.” “Hey Cortana, what does my schedule look like?” GLAS is enabled with the Cortana ® intelligent assistant by Microsoft and also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Other features include:

  • 7 Day scheduling
  • Arrival anticipation: returns to a “home” state even if the user isn’t home yet, to ensure comfort when they return
  • Occupancy detection via integrated sensor to over ride schedule for comfort & energy savings
  • Safety temperatures to protect building against excessive heat or cold
  • Monitor and improve air quality through smart fan & ventilartor control
  • Informs user of current forcast, temperature, humidity, & windspeed (when connected to Wi-Fi)
  • Daily 24 hour run time in hours
  • History up to 7 days of energy saved
  • Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & Microsoft Cortana
  • Up to 10 thermostats per location; Up to 10 locations per user account
  • 2-year warranty

Learn more about GLAS Thermostat here:

To order, call 888-652-9663.

Updated: February 5, 2019 — 9:00 am

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