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INDIANAPOLIS, IN—January 13, 2020. Jackson Systems, the HVAC controls distributor for the residential and light commercial markets, introduces two new solutions from iO HVAC Controls: a Universal Thermostat Smart Wire Module, and Twinning Kit with Transformer included.

The iO HVAC Controls Universal Thermostat Smart Wire Module (part number UT-SWM), is a wiring adapter that allows you to add up to 5 wires when you have single pair of wires between two locations such as a thermostat and HVAC system panel. Because 30% of the homes in the U.S. are not equipped with a common wire, UT-SWM is the perfect solution for contractors who install today’s communicating thermostats that require one to power the radio module and other electronics.

The iO HVAC Controls Twinning Kit (part number iO-TWIN-TR), now has the option to come with a 20VA transformer included with the panel for easier installation. The Twinning Kit is designed to allow a single thermostat to control two identical HVAC units. It can also be expanded to control 4 identical HVAC units with one thermostat. Jackson Systems’ unique twinning solution is a top seller and desired by contractors all over the country for controlling the thermostat at churches, office buildings, theatres, small bank buildings and other light commercial spaces.

Sales Director for Jackson Systems, Brian Wilson said, “Everything we do, we do it with the contractor in mind. The Thermostat Wire Module and Twinning Kit are two unique solutions that are designed to make their installations much faster, cheaper and easier.”

“The Universal Thermostat Smart Wire Module is perfect for those installations where no common wire is available and the Twinning Kit with Transformer is a comprehensive solution for twinning two thermostats to gain more control over the HVAC and reduce noise,” concluded Wilson.

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About Jackson Systems

Jackson Systems is an HVAC controls distributor serving contractors in the residential and light commercial markets. We specialize in specialty controls, zoning system, imprinted thermostats, and smart home automation products. Additionally, we private labeling of certain products for the contractor so they can better communicate their own brand to their customers.  Strong technical support, product training and free shipping are the cornerstone of our exceptional service. Visit for more information.
Updated: January 13, 2020 — 5:16 pm

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