Meet Mark Tartaglia, Joseph S Groh Foundation’s Latest Recipient

Mark’s Story:

In the fall of 2002, eighteen-year-old Mark Tartaglia a college freshman at Vermont Technical College was pursuing a degree in construction management. He looked forward to the upcoming winter break and spending time with friends and family.

On December 30, Mark decided to go snowmobiling with friends. He was severely injured in a snowmobile accident.

He was rushed to the hospital and they found he had sustained a complete T4 spinal cord injury with multiple bones including his scapula, collarbone and several ribs. His aorta was punctured by a piece of bone fragment. He would be confined to a wheelchair.

Despite his injuries, he was determined to continue on the path of school he had started. He went on to complete his degree in construction management. Upon his graduation, he went to work for a steel fabricator in East Hartford, CT as an estimator. Mark has since gone in to controls engineering specifying Alerton controls systems.

Mark prides himself on working for a living and not receiving assistance for his disability, but as you can imagine, with his condition and medical bills, money can be tight.

Mark and his wife live in a rural part of Connecticut. Like many of the homes in the areas, theirs is smaller with a master bedroom located on the second floor. They’ve made the living room their bedroom to accommodate Mark’s limitations, but now they want to adopt a child and using the upstairs space will become increasingly necessary. That is what led Mark to research grants available to him and his family.

It is with our supporters, that we are proud to say that we have provided Mark and his family with a stair chair lift through our Foundation. This is why we exist. After the lift was installed, Mark said, “thank you soooo much for selecting me for this grant! The stair lift was installed today. They did a great job and I’m completely satisfied with the lift and installation. Thank you again; it is greatly appreciated.”

These are the stories that has inspired Jackson Systems to support this incredible organization, Joseph Groh Foundation. If you are so inspired, visit to see how you can help, too!

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