Mechanical Systems Week 2012

Tom, Kurt and Kristie were out of the office last week attending the HVAC event of the year, aka Mechanical Systems Week in Schaumburg, IL. Never heard of Mechanical Systems Week Systems Week? That may be because up until this year, the tradeshow was referred to as HVAC Comfortech. Why the name change? This is the first year that the event included the plumbing and hydronic industries. The new name encompasses all three industries.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with Comfortech or Mechanical Systems Week, it is one of the largest tradeshow of its kind, devoted to residential and commercial heating, air conditioning, plumbing and hydronics for professional contractors. The event is filled with informational seminars and product displays.


This year, Jackson Systems made quite a stir with three booths and two new products: The Fireside Friend and the industry game changer, the Barometric Zone Damper (BZD). Maybe it was the free bats we were giving away to play of the idea of our BZD promo video, but the Jackson Systems booth was swarming with visitors who seemed fascinated and excited by the remarkable new zoning technology.


When we weren’t educating the masses at the Fireside Friend, the Barometric Zone Damper or the FilterFetch booths, we were busy attending informational seminars. A major theme in these seminars and keynote presentation was how HVAC contractors need to adapt in order to stay competitive. Like it or not, the world is changing and so it the HVAC industry, so adaption is survival when it comes to your business. Building off this theme was an emphasis on how the marketing landscape is changing especially in the digital arena as well as the continuing emphasis on energy efficiency.


Tom attended the Service Roundtable where he heard about the importance of establishing and building an online presence. There was a big push towards amping up search engine rankings through search engine optimization (SEO).


Kurt attended the National Comfort Institution (NCI) meeting of contractors. The main focus was the need to think of the HVAC system as not independent of the house, but part of the house’s overall system that works together to fulfill the goal of comfort in the most efficient means possible. This includes everything from duct work, indoor air quality, insulation, windows and so on.


Kristie attended the Woman in HVACR seminar that focused on making it in a changing world, personal growth to help grow your business, empowerment and establishing personal goals. Lana Ward, the 2012 Woman Contractor of the year spoke.  An HVAC contractor who bought her father’s business and has since grown it by narrowing the company’s focus to residential HVAC and hiring the right people, Lana was a dynamic speaker who was as fun to listen to as she was empowering.


There’s our quick and dirty recap of the HVAC event of the year(trust us there was a lot more to see).  If you couldn’t attend this year, we highly recommend you attend in 2013.



Updated: September 26, 2012 — 4:22 pm

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