Malfunction Monitor

The Malfunction Monitor, MM-100, is designed to continuously monitor the control voltage and current draw of a single piece of equipment.  In the event of a malfunction, the Malfunction Monitor will send a signal to an alarm, phone dialer, or computer to alert that a malfunction has occurred.  This reduces the chance of damage to products and equipment, not to mention the down time and inconvenience.  The Malfunction Monitor can be used in applications such as air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, pumps, or exhaust fans just to name a few.  If the 24 volt control voltage is present but there is no current after a designated time, the current sensor module will close a set of dry contacts that signals there has been a malfunction.


The Malfunction Monitor is one of Jackson Systems many quality HVAC control products. If you would like to review additional products check out our new interactive catalog.

Updated: August 20, 2009 — 9:23 am

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