Look who’s 40 – Great stuff at ACCA

As mentioned previously, we are attending the 40th Anniversary ACCA Conference and Indoor Air Expo this week in Colorado Springs.  The expo and sessions have been wonderful.  Every contractor that I have spoken with this week has been excited to return to their business and implement some of the great ideas they have learned.  We are excited about all of the new people we have had a chance to meet.  There were a few ideas that have really stuck in my head that I feel are worth repeating. 

I am sure that you have heard numerous times in the media recently about the uncertain future of the economy.  You may have even had it affect your business.  I heard some wonderful ideas about how to help fight this trend and actually gain an advantage over your competition in these times.  Many experts feel this is the time to actually step up your marketing and be more creative.  There may not be as many units being replaced as we have been experiencing, but we all have many opportunities to sell value and comfort to our clients. 

First, cherish the reputation of your company and the relationships with your current clients and remind them why they chose you in the first place.  Show them your great service and that you care by offering additional services to them in these times.  Show them ways of saving energy and money by installing products such as zone control.  Offer them ways to help fight indoor air pollution by explaining the benefits of IAQ products like uv lights, air cleaners, humdifiers,higher MERV filters, etc.  Remind them how important it is to take advantage of your service agreements so that they can get longer life out of their current equipment.  Show them that you are looking out for their well being.   

Secondly, motivate your clients and leads to contact you with incentive deals on the above mentioned products and services.  Offer a free filter for an in home inspection.  You might offer a free thermostat with any new electronic air cleaner installation.  Give them any reason to act.

Third, work hard to stay in front of your current client base and leads with frequent touches via email, direct mail, commercials, etc.  You could also offer a replacement program within your service department.  Give the guys a reward for selling replacement thermostats with your company logo imprinted on them.  You could even send a Valentine’s "Love" letter to your customer base thanking them for their business. 

Most importantly, be passionate about your service, company and get out there.  Your enthusiasm for the work you do will shine through.  Let the client know that you aren’t going anywhere and will be here to serve them for years to come.  Remind them of the value you bring to their lives and homes and you will be rewarded. 

Pumped up?  I know I am.  Not bad for turning 40.

Kurt Wessling  –  Director of Sales – Jackson Systems, LLC.   

Updated: February 7, 2008 — 10:57 pm

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