“But, I Like My Dumb House!”

And, that’s ok! Because if you are smart about energy usage, your thermostat doesn’t have to be.

Today, smart (or Wi-Fi connected) thermostats continue to dominate market sales for our industry. In fact, it is reported that by the year 2022, the global HVAC distribution market will enjoy $3 billion dollars in sales of smart thermostats.

But, what if your customer doesn’t want a smart thermostat? Will contractors be forced to install one even if the homeowner doesn’t want it? The answer is NO. Smart thermostats are simply just another option.

The pros of a smart thermostat include better energy management through the learning features of the stat, cost savings due to less energy usage, away from home features, constant monitoring of your HVAC for performance…and finally, they’re pretty damn cool looking. Not only that, they can be voice activated when paired with the proper hub like Amazon Echo or Google Home.

But, they have their issues, too. Some of which include:

  • programming, set up and operation that can be complex if your customer is not that computer savvy,
  • smart stat operation is dependent upon Wi-Fi connection and those can get interrupted, and
  • they’re more expensive.

So, how can a homeowner save on energy usage with an “old fashioned” thermostat (or non-programmable model)? Easily…if they remember to adjust it when they come and go or fall asleep. This will work. But, it isn’t ideal. An easier solution may be a programmable thermostat, but they too, are a bit difficult to operate. In fact, according to a survey by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 89% of respondents stated they rarely, if ever, use the programmable features to set an energy schedule.

The convenience, savings and features of smart thermostats are far superior to unconnected models. But, to be fair, they do have their cons. The good news is there are many options with the thermostat. Be sure you are offering homeowners all of their options! Doing so will be providing the best service you can for your customers.

For the largest variety of connected and unconnected thermostats, visit https://jacksonsystems.com/category/thermostats.html or call your Jackson Systems representative at 888-652-9663.


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