LeakSMART: Detects Water Leaks and Stops Them IMMEDIATELY!

Leaks happen. And, when they do, they can cost homeowners and businesses thousands of dollars in damage. In fact, water damage is the second most common homeowner insurance claim with the average water damage claim costing more than $8,000. But, today, we have more reliable, best protection ever…with LeakSMART!

LeakSMART is the world’s most intelligent leak and flood protection system for a home or business. Not only does it detect a leak as soon as it starts, but it stops it in less than 5 seconds!

How it Works

LeakSMART provides complete home protection ideally for homes no more than 6,000 square feet. LeakSMART works by first installing a valve on your water main. The LeakSMART Valve connects directly to the water main supply and automatically shuts off the water in less than five seconds in the event of a leak.

Sensors around the home connect to the LeakSMART Hub and receive alerts via LeakSMART App. The sensors detect leaks and monitor temperatures in the home. Up to 32 sensors can be added. For the best protection, sensors should be installed at the most high-risk areas, including washing machines, water heaters, bathrooms and HVAC systems.

Powered by ZigBee, protection is guaranteed 100% of the time—even if the Internet and power are down. A LeakSMART Range Extender is available to boosts signal strength of the sensors. Simple plug and play operation of the range extender is all that is needed. It’s perfect for those homes or offices larger than 6,000 square feet.

The LeakSMART Hub communicates between the sensors, valve and home or business owner. Again, the hub continues to work even if the power is out. Installation is so simple: simply plugs into your router and an electrical outlet.

Install Outdoors

LeakSMART can be used indoors or out. An outdoor valve enclosure is 100% waterproof and completely tamper-proof. It’s properly vented to handle temperature fluctuations and extreme heat. It may be installed horizontally or vertically and fits ¾, 1, 1-1/4, and 2-inch installations.

Smart Home Integration

LeakSMART works on its own or with other smart home platforms including Nest, SmartThings, Wink and Iris and coming soon, it’ll integrate with Amazon Alexas, Apple HomeKit, Comcast and Google. What this means for the homeowner is better protection and detection when away from home. They’ll be prompted immediately via all Apps if a leak occurs. In that case, they’ll be able to turn off the heating and cooling system through the connected thermostat.

LeakSMART is the single, best solution for leak and flood protection. It’s capacity to detect leaks as soon as they start and shut the water main off immediately, makes them a ‘must-have’ for every home or business owner who wants to avoid the costly disasters that a frozen pipe or malfunctioning home system can create.

Want to learn more about LeakSMART? View this on-demand webinar…watch when it is most convenient for you! http://info.controlsintelligence.com/leaksmart-webinar-ondemand

LeakSMART is sold as a complete system or in standalone shut off kits for washing machines or water heaters. To order LeakSMART technology, visit https://jacksonsystems.com/search?search=leaksmart


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