June is National Safety Month: Keep Your Homeowners Safe With NEST

The health and safety of businesses and homeowners is always at the front of our minds as we grow our product offering to meet contractor demands. This month, we want to offer you and your customers the best the industry has to offer in the product line of safety in honor of #NationalSafetyMonth, specifically with NEST home protection.

NEST Cameras: indoor and outdoor
Sees homes in super clear high definition when you are in or away from home! These best in class cameras send alerts to smart devices whenever it detects a problem. They allow users to talk back and look after their families even when they are away!

NEST PROTECT: CO and smoke detector
These CO and smoke detectors have a “voice” to tell users when something isn’t right! And, the Nest Protect detector checks its own batteries and sensors over 400 times a day so you don’t have to. A constant soft green glow lets homeowners know it is in perfect working order! This product is the best in keeping families safe from fire and CO dangers.

NEST Learning Thermostat: only thermostat listed by Energy Star
Many thermostats promise to save you money in utility costs, but the Nest is the only one proven to and I sendorsed by www.energystar.gov! The Nest t-stat learns daily routines and occupancy and programs itself to provide homeowners with the most savings and comfort possible! Not just that, it has built in sensors to protect families from dangers started by the heating and cooling system. Alarms are sent to smart devices to alert when danger exist.

Foobot Indoor Air Quality Monitor: works with NEST to keep air clean and safe
Meet the first air quality monitor that takes over the HVAC system to keep indoor air as clean as possible. Minimizes dirt, dust and allergens that enter the home through the airflow system to keep families safe and healthy!

And, don’t forget the HUB! Google Home works with NEST to help run the show. Google Home is powered by Google Assistant. Ask it questions. Tell it what to do. Google Home integrates with these NEST home automation products to help keep families safe!

For a closer look at these NEST products from Jackson Systems, visit: https://jacksonsystems.com/search?search=nest or call your representative at 888-652-9663.

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