Joseph S. Groh Foundation Gives Gift of Comfort and Prevention With a New Medical Bed

Stephany Golden’s Story

Stephany Golden lives with his wife Katrina in Raleigh, North Carolina, where Katrina’s brother own Quality Air Heating and Cooling.

In May, 2015, they decided to go to Florida on vacation and stopped in Georgia to visit family during the Memorial Day weekend. While there, Stephany and his brother decided to do some four wheeling.

On their way back to the house, an accident rendered Stephany a quadriplegic.

Specifically, he was diagnosed as a C7 quadriplegic, which means that he only has partial use of his hands and just two of his fingers. What followed for the Golden’s was the typical struggles that come with such a life altering disaster. Medical issues, economic issues, home rehab issues, insurance issues, knowledge issues…there seemed to be no end to the issues.

Katrina joined a Facebook support group in order to find answers to some of her many questions. It is where she met Steve and Keanna Krueger of Austin, Texas. The Joseph S. Groh Foundation had helped the Krueger’s with a bath remodel in 2013, following a tragedy with their family. They recommended that Katrina contact the foundation after learning of the HVAC connection.

Katrina contacted our foundation after they learned of their HVAC connection in 2018, but like many applicants had many needs and did not quite know how to go about sorting them out. The foundation helped her prioritize her needs in order to focus on the one that would do them the most good. As it turned out, Stephany had been sleeping on a lift chair because his insurance and denied a hospital bed with a mattress specially designed to alleviate pressure sores. They only offered a standard hospital bed, which means it would only be a matter of time before Stephany would end up with a pressure wound. The Goldens decided this would be the focus.

Stephanie slept on a lift chair for three years due to this situation.

As anyone who is bedridden for any length of time knows, pressure ulcers are enemy #1, as they are very easy to get and extremely difficult to cure. In addition, they can lead to bone infection and sepsis, which can be fatal.

Thanks to our many supporters, the foundation was able to provide the Goldens with a Hill Rom bed with a mattress specially designed to prevent pressure ulcers. After receiving the bed, Katrina wrote to the foundation saying, “I am so grateful and overwhelmed with joy. This bed will make a huge difference in Stephany’s life. Since he has come home from the hospital almost 3 years ago, he has not been able to sleep in a bed. This will change his life as well as mine. I am forever grateful for your generosity and support!”


Jackson Systems supports the incredibly generous efforts of The Joseph S. Groh Foundation to disabled contractors as a result of life-altering accidents. You can too! To learn more about the foundation and donate, visit

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