Jackson Systems Support Southport High School Robotics Team 1529

Jackson Systems is a proud sponsor of the CyberCards Robotics Team 1529 from Southport High School, Indianapolis, IN.
Today, the team showed off their skills at their Robot Reveal & Fundraising Event! The event, “Poultry & Pasta for Parts” helps pay for the costs of robot parts as the team prepares for annual competition(s).
The mission of Team 1529 is “to create self-confident leaders who are college or career ready.” And, their vision statement is “to inspire students from grades K-12 to become STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) leaders in their community by engaging them in a mentor-based program where students establish and apply the employability skills needed to prove that he/she is college or career ready.”
To learn more about Team 1529 and the robotics program at Southport High School, visit www.southportrobotics.org. To donate or become a sponsor, visit http://www.southportrobotics.org/sponsors.

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