Jackson Systems Has New NEST Products: One is a Time Magazine “Best Invention of 2017″

For TIME magazine’s annual ranked list of the ‘best inventions of the year’, they evaluate thousands of newly released products from all around the world. This year, the new Nest Secure made the list! Here’s why they may have chosen this security system over all others introduced in 2017:

Most home security systems are created to keep the bad guys out. Nest has built its security by choosing to focus just as much on making it simpler for one to get in. Sounds crazy, right? It’s really not and makes a lot of sense because it’s making it easier for the homeowner to get in.

With the Nest Secure, doors can be unlocked by waving a key fob at it instead of typing a pass code. Smart features have been programmed into the fob so that they will work within certain time frames on some days and not on others. For example, if a babysitter or dog walker needs access to the home for the time they work there, say Monday through Friday 3:00 to 6:00 pm, Nest Secure can be programmed to allow their access for those limited hours.

Nest Secure is plenty capable of guarding a home: if a bad guy does tries to break in or disable the system, it will sound an 85-decibel alarm. Motion sensors will also alert users when a door or window has been opened.

Like the Nest thermostat, cameras and other smart products, the app on a smartphone or other smart device lets users manage the Nest Secure system from home or from afar, too. And, of course, all Nest products are compatible with Google Home.

Other security products introduced by Nest recently and supplied by Jackson Systems include:

Nest Tag: Tap and hold Nest Tag on Nest Guard to arm or disarm when you’re leaving and coming home. Just tag in and out on Nest Guard. Put one on your keychain. Give one to people you trust. Set a schedule to let people in at certain times, like your dog walker. It’s water resistant and drop-proof. And don’t worry if you lose one – you can easily disable it in the Nest app. Requires a Nest Secure alarm system starter pack.

Nest Guard: Nest Detect is a versatile sensor.  Put it on a door or window to know when it opens or closes, or put it on the wall to know if someone walks nearby. With Quiet Open, you can open a door while the house is armed, without setting off the alarm. Requires a Nest Secure alarm system starter pack.

Nest Cam IQ: Nest Cam IQ has serious processing power, so it can do things like tell a person from a thing. And even recognize faces with Nest Aware. (Nest Aware is a paid subscription service that makes your Nest Cam or Dropcam even better with additional features and services. It gives you improved activity alerts, lets you set activity zones, saves your camera’s stream to video history, and lets you create video clips and timelapses from saved video.)

Finally, on the horizon, is Nest Hello, Nest’s answer to a smart doorbell cam.

Contractors: isn’t it time you explore the products of Nest? If you don’t someone else will!

Learn more about the Nest product sold by Jackson Systems exclusively to contractors at https://jacksonsystems.com/category/nest-1.html. To order call, 888-652-9663.

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