Jackson Systems and Service Roundtable

One of the great organizations we work with here at Jackson Systems is the Service Roundtable (http://www.serviceroundtable.com/).  We have been a vendor partner with them for several years now and truly enjoy our relationship with Matt Michel and his staff, along with the hundreds and hundreds of HVAC contractors that form this community.

On the Service Roundtable homepage it says “Formed by leading contractors, the Service Roundtable™ offers an incredible array of HVAC and Plumbing best practice tools to help you generate leads, close more sales, market your company, recruit technicians and plumbers, price for profit, manager your service agreements, and create an exit strategy.

The Service Roundtable uses the Internet to drive costs down, passing the savings onto you. Membership is only $1.64 per day. Join and gain instant access to over $3 million of business building sales letters, post cards, web tools, ads, brochures, consumer newsletters, recruiting pieces, pricing calculators, training videos and more. Tap into the online peer to peer support network of leading contractors and industry consultants. Save more than the price of your membership with vehicle rebates, consumer financing programs and other purchases.”

So if you are looking for something that can help you make a positive difference in your business, give the Service Roundtable a try!

Again, check them out at http://www.serviceroundtable.com/

Updated: June 2, 2008 — 6:00 am

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